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. Baker Last Had My main Dghtr Hostage at Capitol~

Tx DPS Baker Involved in sexually exploiting my Main Dghtr OAG#0584763931 Last alive at Capitol In Progress after They Attacked with Accessory LUNA Gilbert Castro Trinidad 500-1000 Block N Alamo Street in 78205/78215 Precicnt~
. . A madman to delete posts. Glad to Jesus, went to the U.S. government fund, organization learning, organization Jesus Democrat parties of Jesus money USD. The worst 2 200 capital, 000's, of Jesus scholarship holder, owner of Party School of Jesus, the Democrat party, the Democrat party. Obama crazy religious leaders, what Obama to think of himself as a prophet of the religion, and crazy power mad or not crazy insane. No eye the world to him. No idea.

Mr. Obama is not American. I understand it correctly and understand American 100% Mr. Obama blood blood American 30% destroyed,,, The social Christian Americans who oppressed. Obama. You alien discredit popular Chris died in an accident damage of the. School school Jesus Oregon, me, die 9 embarrassed, the world to him. He is crazy Obama.

The police arrest my lotus immortal city caught into the room. Elืadekgata police, I see. I'm smart, I said I was going to be the 2 you. Let. The house. Today, the police 2 you. Tell me where all. the number ordained temple, called will take the money to do good. I back, Chaiyaphum in pots. To ordain, aunt uncle say GA excellent trap, do not say no, he will be ordained battle that crazy monk you. I '. m angry decided not ordained, thought Thailand not ordained. Become America so I not ordained.

... And then said, I'm not ordained, and their children, who would be a forest villagers pot Buddha idea forest villagers pot. Who is fine, the Buddha. Aunt check. Everyone is Buddha.


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Frank William Jameson of Michigan, USA (37 years old), calls Miranda Cosgrove a 'skank', and he also threatens Lawrence Albert Connor of Virginia, USA (49 years old).  Look at the way he acts, and listen to the way he sounds.  You decide for yourself if he is a rather seriously disturbed and sadly very unwell individual.  I already know, myself, about him by way of a lot of experience with him for at least several months! #MirandaCosgrove #MirandaTaylorCosgrove #Stalker #MirandaCosgroveStalker #Threat #Threats #Threatening #Threatened #18USC875c #FBI #FBIagent #FBIagents #DOJ #USDOJ #Justice #USattorney #USattorneys #FrankJameson #FrankWilliamJameson #LawrenceConnor #LawrenceAlbertConnor

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ISIS relation with "Hafis sahid"

Working a rough draft idea for a nonfiction book. Title: "HOW TO HAVE A FEDERAL CRIME BE IGNORED". Subtitle: "Bring it to the FBI's attention!".

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1: An example of conduct that constitues a violation of Title 18 U.S. Code § 875 (c) Interstate communications.

18 U.S.C. 875 (c) Facebook Threatening Facebook Threats internet law internet crime:

An example of conduct that constitues a violation of Title 18 U.S. Code § 875 (c) Interstate communications. He says he will break someone's jaw, and nose, and he has their address. Threatening. This was posted on Facebook. US Federal Law. United States Code. Felony. The FBI investigates and enforces violations of this law. The Federal Bureau of Investigation. #FBI #Facebook #Threats #Threatening #FederalLaw #CriminalLaw #UnitedStatesCode #USCode #internet #law #crime #criminal #mentalhealth #mentaldisorder #mentaldisorders #mentalillness
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