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1. Have a owner/mod accept your profile before Rp
2. Only owners and mods can be part of the royal family. (With MY permission of course
3. (Mods and owners only) BE ACTIVE! If you're not, then you're being demoted.
4. Respect others outside of any roleplay.
5. Please don't use text talk, it gets really annoying very quickly.
6. Don't talk back to a mod or owner
7. Don't claim that art that surely isn't yours when it's truly not
8. Give credit to artist of a picture or base you used
9. Have fun!

Alrutal (Mine)

Break a rule 1-3 times, you get a warning
Break a rule 4-6 times, you get banned for 1-3 days/weeks (depends on how many rules you broke)
Break a rule 7-9 times, you get a permanent ban

Open for someone to make

Pack Ranks:
I'll make them

NorthWinter Pack
EastSpirit Pack
SouthAmber Pack
WestMountains Pack

Equal Star

Profile Template:



Mane/hair (if any):
Eye Color(s):
Facial or body scar(s):
Fur Length:


Place of birth:




Territory Favorite:
I'll make it once territory maps and a map of the entire land are made

Pack Ranks:
Alpha Male: Male leader of the pack. Most respected of all members of the pack. Is the mate of the Alpha Female (if there is). Can be challenged and the winner is the new alpha and can do as they please with the pack and the members, loser will have to obey the new alpha. Not challenged often as this would mean big changes to the pack
Alpha Female: Female leader of the pack. Most respected of all members of the pack. Is the mate of the Alpha Male (if there is). Can be challenged and the winner is the new alpha and can do as they please with the pack and the members, loser will have to obey the new alpha. Not challenged often as this would mean big changes to the pack
Alpha pup: The pup of both of the alphas. Future alpha. Cannot be challenged until alpha of the pack. Under 1 year of age or until the alphas step down.
Meta Pup: An adopted pup of the alpha. Sometimes this happens when there is only one alpha of the pack, in turn, the alpha will mate with a lower rank and the pup of the alpha and lower rank is known as the meta pup. Like the alpha pup, they are under 1 year old and cannot be challenged. Once they reach a year old, unlike the alpha pup, they may choose to be alpha or become another rank. If they choose to be alpha they become "alpha pup". If they choose otherwise, they become the rank of their choosing but they are still respected no matter which rank they choose
Beta: Second in command of the pack. Is respected as much as the alpha. Will fill for the alpha if the alpha is not present. Max: 2 (1 female, 1 male). Can be challenged but with alpha approval. Chosen by the alpha
Assassin: Spies for the pack. Will eliminate wolves with direct orders from alpha and/or beta. Extensive combat and survival training. Cannot be challenged. Max: 3 May step down to "Hunter" and let another wolf take over their spot.
Elders: Old, wise wolves of the pack. These wolves have retired from going outside the pack grounds. They are also the only wolves that the alpha will take advice seriously from. They are respected as much as the alpha is. 10 or more years of age.
Lead Hunter: Leads a hunting party into hunting grounds/loner territory. They are responsible to keep the hunters in line. Cannot be challenged. Max: 2 (Mate pair)
Lead Warrior: Leads the warriors to patrol pack grounds. Are responsible to keep warriors in line. Cannot be challenged. Max 2: (Mate pair)
Healer: A herbalist. They help wounded or sick wolves. Max: 2
Hunters: Are responsible to provide the pack with food. Obey the lead hunters orders.
Warriors: Are responsible to patrol the pack to keep it safe from intruders. What they do to intruders is a decision entirely up to the alpha.
Pups: Baby wolves. Under 1 year of age.
Pupsitters: Responsible for taking care of pups that do not have parents or the parents are away. They are also responsible to supervise pups during playdates. They are all female. Do not underestimate these wolves as if the pups are in danger a strong adrenaline rushes in them and can be some of the most dangerous of the pack.
Cripple Wolves: Wolves with disabilities
Cripple Pup: A baby wolf with one or more disabilities. Under 1 year of age
Omega: Lowest rank of the pack. Depending on the pack these wolves can have little respect. They are either new members of the pack who used to be of another pack/loners or have done something to disrespect a high ranking pack member
Omega Pup: Baby wolves whose parent(s) is an omega wolf(wolves) or are new members that used to be loners/another pack. Under 1 year of age. Once they turn a year old they are often given a chance to be a higher rank but still a low rank
Lone Wolf: Wolf without a pack
Lone Pup: A baby wolf not belonging to a pack. Under 1 year of age. May have no parents or have parent(s) that are loners.
Forbidden Wolf: A wolf who has done a terrible deed beyond being demoted to a omega wolf. Usually to be banished a wolf has murdered or attempted murder on a high ranked wolf but other ways have banished wolves. A banished wolf are not allowed to join any pack or be on any pack grounds. Most are rebels or have been framed

[(Art goes to the respected owner)]

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Okay.... what happened to this community? It became inactive. Let's try to revive it shall we? It Still has A Spark of Life!
+Colton Destrivel
+Swagger Aj Lover
[Picture for attention]

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Art Belongs To: #Tazihound !!
Anyone want to Role-play? I have an alpha female that I forgot her name and she had pups...

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Hey this place is kinda inactive.... So who wants to role-play!!

I forgot my OCS name/ Female/ Alpha/ single/ is a mother/ Northern Winter Pack-Haltia Kingdom I believe I have been busy...

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Please join my community and help me get it back on its feet..

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Heres some art of frost the second one is a challange try to find 7 secrets and you will be rewarded with art on of them is try to find what she loves the most
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Here is me kit trying to shy away from te cameriiiiaaas

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Oc Count


age, 21


Eye Color,blue
Facial or body scar,none
Fur Length,medium


Bio, long ago when Midnight was a pup growing up her mother and father abused her because she was the only one still alive and she was born weak. One day Midnight had enough she ran away in the city with her parents behind her before she ran out through the other side of the city she herd a gun shot and she turned around and there layed her dead parents. She ran back in the forest and grew up a loner.

Place of birth, forest


Stamina, 6/10
speed 7/10
sight 6/10
hearing 8/10
taste 3/10



ART CREDIT,not mine?
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