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I am a skilled gun fighter like Shadow I chose antics I dont care about new ones they rip my old guns

Standing and waiting for the challenger. Hmm...They're late.

Name ratig creator
Age 1631541547842653733764478888999998777886444455667776554433446777790076899900000099909999990009
Powers. Moatly fire blood vampire and creator
Gf +Kira the Mouse
Bio the creator

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Name: Kira

Age: looks 17 (Currently Unknown)

Gender: Female

Species: Pyro Mouse

Powers: Pyrokensis, Rage, and Fire trasport.

Bio: I am the Mistress of the Flames of Creation born from the Legendary Creation flames.

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Name: Ark the hedgehog
Gender: male
Species: Nephlim/ hedgehog
weapons: cobalt sword,  Ivory and ebony(guns)  
facts: old CIA agent 
skills: hacking gunplay hand to hand stealth assassinations and demon hunting
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 Name: Lenora Arona
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Bio: Lunora is the most un luckiest lady in the world
Side: Good
Species: hedgehog
Family:  Rose Arona ( big sister)

enters the gym and gets hit with bum bells

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Name: Trey the Hedgehog
Age: 13
Powers: Lightning blades, death run, and more!
Element: Space and Lightning
Side: G.U.N. and Knothole Freedom fighter

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Name: Kate
Real name: Katrina McMissile
Age: 15 years old
Gender: Female
Universe she is from: Cars
Company she's from: Pixar
Side: Good
Species in this community as of now: Human
Species in Cars 2 the movie: Vehicle
Family: Finn McMissile is her dad. She has an older brother named Aaric.
Love interest: Tomber (Tom-bay)
Does she fight?: Sometimes, not always
Kate McMissile
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walking to class
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