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Hey Glamberts,
I've got a great idea! But it can only be possible with your help.
I want to do something that Adam never forgets it.
Here is my idea: each of you say a word about adam, his clothes, his songs, his travels, etc.
These special words should have familiar meanings that picture a memory of adam.
Like Cornbert that pictures the memory of adam eating corn in the west Hollywood. Got it?
Then we collect them in some kind of a book, and send it to our beloved Adam! 
And we call this book: Glam Dictionary. Or something like that.
Even photos are good. You can create a photo that shows a memory.
But you should create it yourself. NOT just photos that we seen before.
We are somehow, appreciating adam for his music and for being with us for 4 years, reviewing our memories and giving him morale and hope to go on.
So I need your help.
You can create your words and photos and send them to:

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for adam....with love

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As always spotless and luxurious - Adam Mitchel Lambert!
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Your voice in my heart

Такое  чувство,  что  ты  рядом,
Оно   меня  не  покидает,  пусть,
С  улыбкой  ты  следишь  во  взгляде
И  в  голосе  твоём  как  будто  грусть…
               Здесь  так  шумит  родной  завод,
               Тебя  же  шум  толпы  встречает,
               Здесь  день  идёт,  как  будто  год,
               Огнём  печей  лицо  мне обжигает…
И  падая  на  плечи  рамп—
Они  покажут  путь  ко  мне,  пусть  я  мечтаю,
Как  те  софиты,  что  сердце  согревают  твоё  там,
А  голос  твой,  моё,  и  ты  об  этом  знаешь.

Sence  you  near,
Not  go!
With  smile  in  eyes,
With  sadness  in  voice…
             Here  so  noise  horrible  metal,
             You  meet  noise  people,
             Here  day  how  year,
             My  face  bake  fires…
They  fall  on  shoylders  earth—
See  path,  come  here,  my  dream,
As  those  fireworkses  for  your  heart  hot,
As  your  voice  for  my  heart  hot,  you  know  it!!!  HAPPY  BIRTHDAY!!!     

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I love Adam Lambert <3

My Tattoo

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CD/DVD Glam Nation Tour __

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This is better than downloading it... actually hold it in your hands.... +1 this if u think this is true
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