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Where shall i do my next beauty spree? X

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Drugstore- superdrug/boots
High end-MAC/NARS

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Hi everyone! Today i am going to do a product review on a mac blusher. Its a powder one in the colour pinch o peach. Before i review the actual product, i need to just say how nice the packaging is. It just looks really slick and tidy and i just love it! So firstly the blusher its self is super pigmented, its also looks matte but when you put it on your face it acts like a highlighter so i find myself not actually applying highlighter after i have applied this product. Its super pretty and just looks gorgeous on! I think its the best blush i own. Its slightly on the pricey side as its £18.50. Its also satin so it gives a very silky look. You could probably find cheaper alternatives so comment down below if you know of any that i could try out. I would love to know if you love mac blusher as much as i do x love you all x
Shoutout to:
+Ava O'Connell​ she is my ultimate fan x
+Taylor Sugglet4ever​ she is just the best x
+Katie Young​ my school chum who is so inspiring x
And all my other fans x
❤ have a great weekend x

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+1 if you like my dog! X

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Hey eyeryone!!!!! X happy Tuesday, let me know what you are getting up to today x
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