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On a lark, I entered the revised edition of my first novel, PILATE'S CROSS in the prestigious Shelf Unbound literary magazine annual fiction contest (I was unaware of the contest when CROSS first published, so it had never been entered for consideration). Shelf Unbound allowed me to enter the old, rugged (!) CROSS, even though it's been out a while, and...

it was named a notable "Page Turner" by the magazine. Essentially, it's an honorable mention, which ain't too shabby considering there were 1000+ entries. Also, CROSS joins PILATE'S KEY and PILATE'S GHOST in earning this coveted accolade. Huzzah!

One final note--the cover design by David Terrill was also given recognition in the magazine's "Our Favorite Covers" section. 

Thanks readers, for your continued support and thanks to the judges at Shelf Unbound!

I'll be on #KCTV  5 today at 9 a.m. talking about the new book. Hopefully we will be able to post the video later!


What do you think of the post Civil War time period for the intro to Pilate's Blood?

What do you think of the Olafsons going that far back in the history of Cross?

How do you think, before reading any further, will these events play into the modern day events of John Pilate's Cross?

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We lost the sun and had a few technical issues, but still a GREAT conversation with author, J. Alexander Greenwood about what makes the characters of the +John Pilate Mysteries tick.

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Full interview and comments from Alex.
Check out the interview with author of the +John Pilate Mysteries, +Alex Greenwood. He talks about the democratization of the publishing industry, shares tips for would-be writers, and has something to say about his new book.

#ThereWillBeBlood and the adventure begins now. My copy of #PilatesBlood is now loaded on my iPad. Let the games begin!

Go #Chiefs! Beat #Rams   (John Pilate is a Chiefs fan)
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