So is this group actively dead? Last post 30 weeks ago.

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My cat is actively preventing game prep.

+Deano Eggert Do you remember the name of Maelstrom's ship?

Shannon, did you want to run We Be Goblins on Sunday, or would you like me to run something?

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For now on the Majority of my posts will be going in our Obsidian Portal page. Please send me an email at for an invite to the page.

You guys still in for Sunday? The follow up is "school spirits" level 1-5 still

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We are on Bosco's Schedule for February 27 from 12-5. Due to prior events that was the earliest we can start. After that we will be on the schedule every other Saturday.

Currently added The Confirmation since it is good for new players and re-playable, but I want to add another. Looking for GM and any requests for what scenario you all would like to see.

Also still waiting on people to send me email for invites to our Obsidian Portal page. I have only gotten 1 request so far. Shortly after we start at Bosco's most of my communication will be there.

You can email me for an invite at

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The Anchorage web pages are up and running, for the obsidian portal page you need to send me an email at to get an invite. Dylan pass control of the local warhorn page to me.

The obsidian portal page is still under construction but the Forums are good to go.

I am going to implement something I implemented in San Antonio, if you join both page you can get a free re-roll per game played.

Right now I am working with Bosco's to run PFS there Feb 13 and 27, still working on the hours. I will post them to warhorn once that is settled.

Did you guys still want to do a scenario next Sunday since Steven won't be ready for a bit?

It is official I am moving to Anchorage in January, With the full power of Paizo Behind me. They made me Venture-Lieutenant of Anchorage due to my service as the same in San Antonio. I know it is a bit unusual for an Outsider to come in with the position so if you feel better with a current local taking up the position who is willing to we can work that out.

That said I am already talking with Bosco's Game Organizer to work a game on Saturday's, start date still unknown since I won't have all my stuff until My house is done being built.

I have some big plans to include small PFS conventions with Boon support to include Race boons for GMs and prize support from Paizo. I am will also be working with the Venture-Captain in Fairbanks to work on a larger regional convention.

If you have any questions you can ask me here or send me an email at
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