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Name: Sirena Hope

Age: 22

Birthday: June 9

Personally: brave and loyal

Likes: fighting and training

Dislikes: Aizen and his army

Fears: Aizen and szyale

About: mission is to take back the hogyoku and defeat Aizen and she's the new captain of squad 3 and can turn into a wolf and has a hollow mask like Ichigo but blue not red

Zanpoktuō: Shiki Illuminati

Shikai: Rikki Tiki Illuminati

Bankai: Tiki Rikki Illuminati (XD I switched them I couldn't find a better name)

Sirena goes to hueco Mundo for a walk

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+自来也Jiraiya i have an idea for this community that you might like

would a soul reaper that has a zanpakuto that can manifest it's self allowed?

is on the roof hoping for somthing to happen

(open for everyone)

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Name: shade
Body Age: 20
Number: -19(banshi's squad)
Reserreccion name: Kage no akuma
Reserreccion call: all things covered in shadow, awaken and be my body
Ability: can move through shadows(like captain shinsui kyōraku's kagaoni) and if he is in enough shadow, can turn it into creatures of fear and send them after you, is valuanable during this because he has to focas, but has full control
Bio: he is part of Banshi's gang and is an arrancar that wears black instead of white, has the keen sense to predict someone's fear and can make up to three monsters if the fear of the people there are low.
Motto: anything that is dark I like, anything of your fears or shadow's is mine to control

his monsters are like this
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Yo here goes a active community that's cool

can some one give me the soul reaper profile template please

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I've was wondering through squad 10, it's been a long time since i was away, all i did was visit my little brother's grave, i went out to find any family who are still alive, which i found out there all dead, so i arrive at my barracks, i lay down on my bed, i then realize and forgot about the war, I got out of bed, i  grabbed my zanpakuto
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