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Hey everyone, it's the +Millennium Falcon and I'd like to welcome you to this community, for everything related to Star Wars!

I know some of you have complained about the poor moderation on the main Star Wars community in Google+, so let's hope things are better controlled here. I should be coming up with my team of moderators when the member numbers grow, and keep things properly administered!

Oh, and before I forget, DO NOT REVEAL ANY SPOILERS FOR "THE FORCE AWAKENS" - or be prepared to be sent to the faraway galaxy on a one-way ticket!

Thank you and have a nice day!

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Age:Unknown early 20's possibly(couldnt find it anywhere)
Homeworld:Unknown(not Jakku she was brought there age 5)
Faction:The Resistance
Weapons:Staff,Lukes Old Blue Lightsaber,Blaster pistol

Rey was born to unknown parents and at the age of 5, was left on the planet Jakku, a junkyard planet littered with leftovers from the Battle of Jakku between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire, on her own and learned to survive by scavenging the leftovers which she would sell for sustenence.[6]Rey is also a Force user although she does not know it until she is captured by Kylo Ren and interrogated...she figures it out when kylo tries to locate the coordinates of the last piece of the map to Luke Skywalker's location and she feels the force and reveals something.....
"Your just afraid you will never be as powerful as Vader" which at this point frustrates Kylo so much that he leaves......After Kylo leaves she uses the Force mind trick on a storm trooper to free her and to drop his blaster.....After the battle(i dont wanna get into details of the battle because of spoilers)She goes back to the Resistance base and leaves on an journey to find Luke......and when she finds him she hands him his old saber.......
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So sad...

Hey everyone, nice to see a bunch of you here... Help to spread the word around, about this (hopefully) spoiler-free #StarWars  community! :)
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