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This is an amazing chance to learn or get to know more about mobile experiences and design. This link would help the people who are fascinated and interested by design and it's potential in creating experiences on mobile or web.

Hi all, I'm from Maldives.

Hi my name is Sandro Doro from Venice - Italy

Hi Everyone,

My background is html/css with a dabbling of js (but not very successfully).  My day job is technical support and translation of techspeak into plain English.

I'm hoping to improve my dicey programming skills and am on the lookout for a designer with emphasis on mobile (of course) and a playful sense of humor - if one happens by...

Thanks for setting up the forum, +RK Kuppãla 

If any of you are willing to be moderators for this community, please let me know and I will add you guys. 

Welcome everyone!

Hey guys, Surya here, from Kerala, India.
Once we get this course going, let's organize a hangout session on a weekly basis.

Lets get things rolling. So where are you from? 

I just looked at the logistics slides and the scope of the final project kind of overwhelmed me. I come from no programming background and I recently completed Rice's Intro to Python course on Coursera. To do well in this course, it looks like you need expertise with Javascript, Node.js, HTML5 etc. Though overwhelmed, I am looking forward to the course. 

So what are your thoughts? 
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