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Loved this - and felt that you'd like it too!

Building connections rather than delivering messaging - perfect.

And advertising is ideally placed to do this, wouldn't you agree?

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How to Authentically Target Gender in Your Business
February AdAge article unearthed an old statistic that 80% of
purchasers are women, yet only 3% of all creative directors are women. ...

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Topic of the month: Fun Sports pics for creative inspiration.

When doing a search for inspiring sport ads, this one cones up in the top 5. What do you think, clever? Gets you talking?

For the Paralympics by BBDO

#sports #creative #advertising #buzzcloud #paralympics

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"Fusing traditional media with new technology is becoming a trend. What will they think of next?"

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Who here uses instagram or vine as marketing tools for their business? And do you find either to be effective tools? Thanks! 

I'll be speaking at a marketing conference on Content Marketing in a couple of weeks.  Does anyone have any case studies they'd like to share?  (I will, of course, give you credit if I use them.)

I'd love big, small, good, bad and ugly stories to share, for both big and small organisations.

Just joined this community - looking forward to meeting some "awesome" people, share ideas and learn something!  Quick question of the day:  how do most business owners decide how much of their budget is allocated towards advertising?  Is it a percentage off the monthly gross or net?  How much for online "vs" traditional advertising?

Thank you for your input!

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