•Kaname Ghost 



•Part human part hollow with Shinigami powers

Home Town:
• Karakura Town

Strength: He can control his strength 

Agility: He is super-fast and can turn hollow at any time

Durability: No one knows
•He wears a black hood never takes it off he has hollow eyes He is a great fighter he loves a great fight he can be evil sometimes no one hurts his friends or family he always wears something different but he wears the same hood he always wears the hollow mask to cover his face

A sword two extended barrel pistols hidden blades
Always wears a hood
He always has his weapons on his back sides and arms 
Swordsmanship, marksmen, turns hollow form at any time

when he was little a boy and a girl named Ichigo and Rukia saved him from a hollow he was brought to the hidden place called the soul society and in another world to take care of me and trained me him he grew up and became an amazing fighter and marksmen but he gave it up to find where he came from but he never found where he was from so he has been searching for 3 years now he is 17 and he has come back to the place where the hollow attacked him and killed his family  and to find Ichigo and Rukia the ones  who saved him.

Finally got time to be here.  , my dear friend, i would of posted a character here sooner, but i was working on one i think you might like alot. I'm actually posting him now. I still needa finish his dragon and 3rd form as well, but other then that he is usable, and rather strong as well. Hope you enjoy him. 

Name: Reborn Grimshadow

Alias: Ash Reith

Gender: Male

Age: 26 (By looks, his actual age is unknown due to the fact no one exactly knows how long ago his home dimension formed)

Height: 8 ft. 2

Weight: 402

Birthday: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Race: Unknown

Home: Reborn is known to live within a volcano, which is located in an area that is far from human life. It is estimated the nearest town is 500-800 miles away.

Speed: Reborn is able to move speeds up to 4,000 MPH, his armor and energy keeping him safe from damage by repelling the force being applied to him. 

Strength: one reason people seem to remember when they see Reborn is his strength. With a single punch, Reborn has been known to destroy mountains, at full power of course. He tends not to go full power to avoid wasting his stamina. His kicks are just as powerful, and again he tends not to use his full power. This strength is all due to the many years of training he has undergone within his dimension, training that was very intense.

Defense: Reborn’s defense consist of mainly his armor and thick skin/muscle as well as his quick reaction time. He is actually able to withstand the same force of strength as he can deliver, meaning it would take more than a punch or kick that can destroy a mountain to send him flying. Once more, this is all due to his intense training.

Energy Level: Reborn’s energy level is known to be extremely high, even higher than that of a god.

Voice: Reborn is known to have a deep, yet calming voice. Despite the fact his voice may be calming, that does not mean it won’t become hateful when he is angered.

Personality: Reborn has a rather respectful attitude to those he gets to know over time, yet that can change over time as well to a nasty, hateful attitude. Usually upon first meeting, he is known to be hateful, yet that dies down over time unless he is angered. This trait can confuse many, one day he is hateful and the next being respectful could cause one to wonder why? Simple, it means he has accepted them as a friend or ally, or they just gained his respect.  He is known for being very intelligent when it comes to combat as well as experiments. 

 Appearance: Reborn’s deep voice would make one think of a muscular man, and they would be thinking right. From a young age of training, his body had become very muscular. Imagine how muscular a Spartan warrior was then times that by 4 and you get the muscle level of Reborn. Though, these muscles are usually hidden by armor, which is worn most of the time. His body is covered in armor from head to toe. This armor was well designed for him, being well known for having no weak points. His red eyes are usually seen through his helm, giving a rather demonic look due to the fact none of his other facial features are seen except the red eyes. Unlike human eyes that have a circular pupil, his pupils are in the shape of a diamond. His black hair is usually combed back out of his face within his helm, but without it his hair reaches nose length, his eyes usually covered by it. With no armor on, one could clearly see himself being Caucasian, his skin though seeming almost pale at times due to the lack of sunlight from all his armor being on. He usually never wears a shirt when he has no armor on, yet when he does the shirt is usually black with a strange grey pattern upon it to make it look as if dragon scales had been placed upon the shirt. His jeans are a light black color, 4 pockets usually seen on them. His feet are concealed by red work boots, the laces tightened to the point his feet can’t escape the shoes. His facial features could be seen as handsome, though a scar can be seen clearly on his left shoulder, running down his arm a good 4 inches, one would see this as a stab would.

Armor:  The armor worn by Reborn is named according to its design, a design so unique many would never think of it. The name is Volcanic Armor, Armor created within his dimension long ago but not only himself, but the help of friends as well. This armor covers him from head to toe, not a single spot of skin being seen and no weak points to be seen, from the shoulders down at least, as it is held tightly together but what looks to be small buckles. The description of it being held tight together may seem to make him unable to move, but that is false. He is able to move perfectly fine actually due to the buckles being flexible, adjusting to his movements. With this allowing him to move, one would wonder how the week points can’t be seen and that is actually rather simple. They are there, located on the side of the armor, yet these buckles holding the pieces of armor tightly together makes it slightly hard, but what makes it harder is the fact inside the armor is what seems to be a shirt, attached to the armor and matching the same coloration. This shirt is what makes it hard to find the weak points.  The helm of the armor has a unique T shape cut into it, specially designed to darken his whole face but his red eyes seem to be the one thing seen. On the top of his helm are 4 2 inch small spikes that curve, seeming to form the shape of a crown embedded within the helm. Unlike the rest of the armor, the helm does not have a lava design (will be explained soon), instead it has a black rocky design, some say even the texture matched that of the rocky design. The rest of the armor all has the same rocky design, but also has a design that looks like small indents created by the flow of lava. Yes, this armor has lava like designs flowing down from the top of the chest plate down to the feet, where once hidden ended at the feet it looks to sneak under the boots. What’s even more unique is the fact this lava design glows and seems to actually flow down the body.  This armor is said to be made from stone, but it’s actually made from a metallic material found within his dimension, a material able to be designed as it is seen here. It is known to withstand forces that can withstand half of Reborn’s full power. One final thing to note about this armor is the fact it can withstand heat up to 2,500F.


Solar Shield: At first one would think of this shield to be pathetic due to the fact it starts off small, a circular shield reaching 10 inches across yet rather thick. This is the form used to carry the shield with less to actually carry. The shield, in this form, is a dark orange coloration. Upon pressing a button, this shield expands, the thickness actually being other parts of the shield. It increases to yet another circular shield, this one being 4.5 ft. across. This is just enough for him to hide his whole form by crouching. It then gains a design of a volcano on it, the dark orange coloration from before showing to be lava erupting from the volcano. The edges of this shield are sharpened to be able to be used to cut, the thickness being a good 5 cm. Even with this, it is able to withstand the same amount of force as his armor is.

Blaze Sword:

Length: 4 ft. blade, 8 inch hilt

Width:  2.5 inch blade, 4 inch hilt

Thickness: 4 cm blade, 1 inch hilt

Appearance: Being made of the same material as his armor, this already proves the blade strong. Its blade has a red coloration. Now, the coloration of the hilt is a golden coloration with a black stripe design running down the hilt. The guard looks like that of dragon skull, a jaw like design coming up a good 2 inches, making it look as if the blade is coming out of its mouth. The grip of the hilt actually looks similar to that of a dragon’s neck as well.

Info: Besides its durability, this blade has another thing going for it. When fed energy, the blade produces a form of fire that can reach up to 400F. This fire surrounds the blade perfectly. Reborn can use this fire to an advantage and create fireballs, or even small bullets of fire, to send towards the opponent. With the way this weapon is, one would imagine it difficult to swing for some, yet it is very easy for Reborn to swing as if it’s as light as a feather.
Hells Spear:

Length: 2 ft. blade, 5 ft. staff

Width: starts at a 1 inch blade, ends as a 4 inch blade, 1.5 inch staff

Thickness: 3.5 cm. blade, 1.5 inch staff.

Appearance: Running up the staff is a black and red stripped design, a small feather being placed at the end of the staff. The blade is black in color, a small circular hole, reaching 1 cm across, placed in the center of the blade for unknown reasons. 

Info: This weapon, just like everything else, is made of the same material as his armor. This means it has a high durability, and good strength when swung. He is able to swing this rather quickly, yet can also throw it. Unlike his sword which can produce fire when fed energy, this weapon does something different. He can remove the blade from the hilt, a thin, black chain being attached to the blade and the hilt. From this, he can pull out 5 feet of chain, all hidden inside the hilt. A rather, circular end of the chain prevents it from escaping the staff. What one doesn’t realize is if Reborn wanted to he can detach the chain from the circular end due to it being clipped on and use the chain, with the blade, as a weapon.


Reborn’s Domain:  This is not a literal ability of Reborn’s, but it was set up long ago by him. He is known to live within a volcano, which is active. In a circular diameter around this volcano is what Reborn calls his domain. This area reaches half a mile wide in all directions around the volcano, a thin black line marking the end of the circle. This line seems not to disappear but any means. It was placed using Reborn’s energy, almost every bit of it to be correct. Yes, he regained this energy over time, but what he did would help him a lot. Within this circular area, the second a being stepped over the black line (Or even flew over or went under), a trap would be triggered. This trap is not major, it does not cancel out powers, but it does cancel out one’s speed and cuts there strength in half. The speed is turned to that of human speed. The way this happens has been unknown to all but Reborn, who is allowed to keep his speed within this area. It is actually fairly simple, it takes the speed attribute the being has and causes it to cancel out by a process Reborn likes to call, the transfer process. What it does is absorbs the speed attributes of the being, replacing it with that of human attributes. For strength, is simply takes half of the persons strength attribute. Though, if they can manage to get Reborn out from this area, then they will regain their speed and strength to use on Reborn. Only problem with that is that Reborn is smart enough to know not to allow that, yet at times, if he feels bored, he will allow it.

Heat resistance: As stated already, Reborn is known to live within a volcano. A volcano is known to be very hot, so hot humans usually have to wear a suit to keep the heat away. Reborn though is not affected by this heat, nor is he affected by fire or lava. Some estimate this is due to his skin being so thick, but that is actually not the case. Where he came from, it was known to be hot, some even nicknaming it the second known hell.  This is only part of the reason, he must survive there through the heat, but there is still another reason. Reborn’s is actually able to swim within lava. Now then, Lava temperatures range depending on their chemical composition. Reborn’s volcano is known to be a good 1600 degrees F. This is hot, able to burn through almost anything with ease. Now, how is he able to survive this heat? Yes, where he came from had volcanos and lava as well, and he was able to survive, but the reason being is not that simple. His appearance changes whenever he is touching lava, to be correct it changes just before he touches lava, to a rather rocky appearance with small cracks within his body. These cracks usually fill up with lava, but the rocky substance his body becomes is the same rocky substance found within a volcano, one that can take on the intense heat of the volcano.

Cold resistance: Due to his body being heated to the point he can survive that of high temperatures and lava with ease, he is easily able to stand in the cold without freezing. Of course, there is a limit to this. The heat pushes the cold away, yet once it reaches to the point it’s nearly at subzero temperatures is where he has problems. Those temperatures he can survive in for a good hour, but once that time is up he is in danger of dying. This is because those temperatures are so cold it drains his body heat.
Cell Regeneration: Cell regeneration is a process where cells regenerate over time, such as one may see when a lizard loses its tail and grows a new one. Now then, Reborn’s regeneration is rather fast. When Reborn is hurt, a signal is sent to his brain, the brain in turn processing the fact he has been hurt and the location of the area as well. Once processed, the brain sends a signal to the area around the wound to regenerate cells quickly, which they do. A small scratch could take a second to heal (1 post). Yet a deep cut could take a minute (2 post). What if he loses a limb though? Well, losing a limb will take some time but he is able to do it, though regenerating a limb also tires him out (5 post). He is also able to repair organs as well, but it is unknown to exactly if he will live or not depending on how bad the wound is (1-3 post).

Lava Control: Reborn is able to control Lava, wasting energy of course. He usually does this by connecting his energy to Lava and using his mind to do the rest, yet there have been times he has been known to use his hand. Basically, he is able to attack using lava. This could also be known as Magma manipulation. Magma Manipulation is basically where a user can create, and shape molten rock, which would be considered magma underground and lava on the surface. Not only that, but it can also do this with a mixture of molten or semi molten rock, volatiles and solids, and it may also contain suspended crystals, dissolved gas and gas bubbles.  In turn, this means Lava might not be the only thing he can control if he has the full capability of magma manipulation.

Lava Generation: This ability allows reborn to generate and project lava by drawing it from the earth. Not only that, but if wanted he could draw it from his body, but doing this weakens him due to the fact if he tries to store lava within his body, as water is, have to waste a lot of time to extract it as well as effort.

Geo-Thermokinetic Combat: Reborn is able to Utilize Lava in his physical attacks by surrounding lava around the part of his body he is attacking with. This means he can cover his fist, feet, even his body in lava. Instead of using it for a physical attack though, he could just use the movement of hitting air to throw the lava at the opponent, which is slow compared to most attacks but can cause major damage to another.

Lava Breath: Usually having this in his dragon form, He can also do this in his humanoid form. Unlike his dragon form, which actually produces lava within him, his humanoid form is different. His humanoid form must drink lava, yes drink lava. Luckily, he is able to survive drinking the lava thanks to his heat resistance, but this means it waste time. He could actually hold it in his mouth if he wanted to as well. After that, he can then exhale it as an attack, such as lava bullets or waves of lava depending on how much he takes in.

Volcanic Control: Reborn is able to Control not only his volcano, but any volcano he is near by the simple contact of his energy.

Earthquake: By unleashing a large amount of energy at once, Reborn is able to cause a small earthquake, big enough to form cracks that could come to an advantage.

Reborn’s Revival: Reborn actually has an interesting way of reviving. Within his volcanic home lies a portal, as some would say, in which allows any being through if it can be reached. The thing with this portal is it holds the secret to Reborn’s revival. Upon death, as long as Reborn soul is not taken or “Destroyed”, it escapes his body, or what’s left of it, and heads to this portal. On the other side of this greenish portal is a room, a room full of chambers which each hold an exact copy of reborn. Some would say clones, and they would be slightly right. In fact, Reborn’s cell regeneration was put to use, placing clumps of cells in each chamber he started to research ways on how to get them to multiply and form a new body of him that requires his soul to be brought to life. With each trial, came failure. Though, one thing seemed to work. A type of bacteria along with his own blood was placed in with a clump of his skin. Somehow, the liquid within the chambers, which is actually to keep harm from coming to the bodies from within the chambers, had a reaction with the bacteria. The bacteria attached to the cells, acting as a living source to cause the cells to regenerate. Even better, the blood mixed within was taken into the bacteria and the DNA within the blood allowed the cells to take the form of Reborn himself, organs and all. All that is needed is Reborn’s soul to enter the body, after passing through the chamber of course. Once done, a small shock wave is sent through the body to bring life to it, and thus Reborn is brought back with a new body. The downfall of this, it could take a week to be back at full power. 

Travel Technique: Reborn is able to open Portals to travel places or even dimensional rifts (I think that’s what they are called) to travel back to his home dimension, but he does not do this doing battle. 

What do you think one would do if they found out a man came not from another planet, but from another dimension. Dimensions are well known to some beings, some even coming from them. Reborn is a case like this. Many have believed that Dimensions are areas to a new place, and they would be right. Reborn’s dimension is Unknown to all but him and his race, yet he and his uncle are the only ones able to travel from dimensions. Within his dimension are clans, each clan being able to use a different ability. The clan Reborn is from lives in a volcanic area, surrounded by volcano and lava. Evolution has made it where his clan has adapted to this environment, and is able to use lava as a weapon. On top of that, a border similar to his domain surrounds the area, with the same effect as his domain. This gives them an advantage for when they are invaded. The clan he came from is known to be the most powerful, but what made him leave his home and how did this all even start? 

The Beginning

Millions of years before humanity came to be known on Earth, Dinosaurs roamed. As they roamed on this planet, within the Unknown dimension, evolution took place between small bacteria like creatures. This had begun even before the dinosaurs, around the time earth was first created. Evolution in this dimension had taken place, and slowly forming into humanoids. Life was slowly rising within the dimension, the slow rising coming to a benefit. As the evolution went through, the small creatures grew to ape like creatures, like humans did, with scales instead of fur then to a humanoid creature which held skin. They had become what are known on Earth, as a Human. One thing was off; they had abilities and powers and were able to change forms to creatures of myth. 

Quickly, Clans were established and mates were acquired. At first, many of these beings died, leaving about 18 in each clan. The species had become endangered, not from harmful things but from the other creatures on the land. Being killed off by them made them realize they must go into hiding, and so they did. Each clan took on an area they though would be safe. One surrounded by volcanos, one on an island in a large lake, some in the cold mountains, and finally the last within the forest. Each clan established leaders, and produced offspring to grow, yet something was soon to be realized. As each being hit the age of 25, they stop aging. This is due to the dimension itself. It held a strange ability that seemed to stop the process of aging, this ability running throughout the whole dimension. Rumors occurred that it was actually the air being breathed in, and that could have also been the case.

Now then, by the exact same time Dinosaurs went extinct, Reborn was born. He was born into a world of violence, war, and death. He was born as a Prince. Yes, his dad was the Lord of his clan, the clan only known to Reborn as the Lava Clan, his dad being known as the Lava Lord. The name was given by the volcanos surrounding the clan’s home, which had grown by a lot. Yet mixing population growth along with aging being stopped had become dangerous. Warriors were created due to this, weapons and armor of all sorts. War had broken out with all clans, war to not only take over, but also reduce population. Reborn was born on the battlefield, his mother going into labor during a fight, if not for his dad she would have died. 

She was surrounded by clan warriors as she gave birth, then quickly rushed away before her or Reborn could be harmed. Even running with others protecting you was dangerous due to the fact, over time each being had adapted and evolved to gain abilities that matched their homes.  Reborn’s clan had the ability to use lava, as well as few others.  This meant, as his mother ran with him crying in her arms, his dad not far behind defending, attacks were being thrown towards them to try and stop them, attacks not from areas but from elements. 
By the time he reached the age of 4, Reborn was already being trained alone by one of the best fighters his Dad could get. As intense as it was, it was necessary for him so that he could build up muscle’s as well as learn how to survive if something was to ever happen to the clan, such as an invasion. From that moment he began training, he created the goal to never give up. He was educated very well, yet had become more of a fighter as his life carried on. It ran through his blood, almost as if being born on the battlefield started everything off. He had become stronger then both his parents by the time he reached 18, able to take down the very man who trained him as well. He made armor and weapons for himself with help from friends, friends which he acquired through his training. They had been brought in to train with him, yet never once did they beat him. Reborn had come to be known within his clan as a monster that they could use as an advantage. This was not a bad term for him, instead he accepted it due to the fact he had become the strongest. Maybe this was evolution from a single birth or just his years of training, either way he grew a thirst for blood. 

Finally, he was able to be in war with his parents. His first actually battle, surely not his last either. Most would of thought of him being at the front with his Dad and Mom, but that was false. He was put in the center with his friends, being told he shall be the surprise for the Enemy, and that he was. The second fighting broke out, he worked his way through the crowd in front of him, Enemies advancing as he slowly came into view, armor on and weapons at the ready, Reborn seemed like nothing at first. Fighting even stopped the second he pointed his sword right at the son of the Aquatic Clan leader. Retreat was a possibility, but the son did not seem to want that as a circle soon formed around the two. This moment was when Reborn realized just how dangerous he actually was now that he was putting his skills in combat. Weapons clashed, sword meeting an axe. Energy flared, seeming to fight one another over power. A fight broke out between the two, yet the match lasted only 5 minutes. The son making the move to aim for Reborn’s head was a mistake he made, a mistake that caused his axe to be grabbed by Reborn’s hand as the sword Reborn held separated the son’s head from his body. 

Worse of all, the leader had seen his own son die by the hands of another leaders son. Failure was all the man could think of, yet anger took over as the battle continued. Reborn, now involved, seemed to slaughter every being that attacked him with no hesitation, no scratches, and yet what happened after a while was something he wished he never saw. Turning to look upon his friends fighting for one second, Reborn came on the sight of each one of them being killed. This caused anger to boil, yet what made matters worse, was when he turned and saw his parents being out numbered. An unfair fight of course, something Reborn knew wouldn’t end well, yet as he try to run and help them, he became outnumbered, now fighting for his life while trying to glimpse at his parents.

Then it hit, like feeling of having lies said about you, anger and sadness, not from the fighting, but from what he saw next. Both his parents could not handle the numbers and had been over powered, and killed. The anger filling him built up to a level known had ever imagined. His energy rising to levels no one in any clan had ever felt. Reborn was the first to gain the second form of his race, the Dragon Form. He was engulfed by a vortex of lava, killing the men around him as his whole form changed to that of a winged beast. This lasted for a split second, the roar being the only sign of it before he turned to his humanoid form. His outrage ended the life of every one of the enemies, even escape was not manageable. He chased them down and slaughtered them.  Coming home the new Lava Lord was a title he hated for a while. The days after, he stayed locked up within his large home, the memories flashing in his mind of the deaths, yet the enjoyment of killing being held deep within as he was always trapped in though.  It seemed as if nothing would get him out, yet one did. A woman by the name of Claire had visited him, thanking him for what he did. Yet, Reborn had instantly fallen for her. 

She was beautiful with her blue eyes and blonde hair, so beautiful he seemed unable to move his eyes from her, he had fallen in love with her and now made it his goal to make her his, which after 2 years he succeeded and went on to marrying her. 25, the year he stopped aging. Many years he had lived his life with Claire, yet his uncle seemed more involved with him now as well. His uncle was special, able to open portals to other dimensions. He had taught Reborn, yet Reborn saw no use for this. He accepted it, but was not the type to study other dimensions as his uncle was. Instead, he was always fighting and spending time with his beloved Claire. He would have had kids with her, but she was unable to produce any which came to a downfall for them but he ignored it, all he needed was her, all he wanted was her, but not everything ends well. He had trained others on the art of changing their forms, even members from other clans to make a war semi fair. Yet one day when training alone, Clair had decided to visit him. This was something he told her never to do. She had snuck up behind him, placing her arms around him only to have him turn and impale her with his sword right through the chest. 
An accident of course, but one that devastated him to the point he felt as if he was nothing anymore. Once more, he went in silence yet this time instead of days, for months. When he finally returned, he instantly went right into combat and released his pain upon other clans, killing members that were even innocent before heading back. He was losing it, losing his mind. Many years had passed since he met her, humans on earth were now roaming about and yet within his dimension his mind was now recalling what his uncle taught him. He needed to leave before his anger was taken out on that of his own clan, and he knew it. He appointed his Uncle as the lord before opening one of these portals, walking through only to be placed in the middle of nowhere on a planet known as Earth. 

He wanted his new home to be like his last, hot and volcanic. Luckily, for him, he had found a volcano and made his home within it, a single portal being created and left open for him to travel back to his dimension for visits or even other things from time to time. Not long after establishing his home, he put a domain similar to the one in his dimension around it, making him feel even more at home. Being here for a year now, rumors begin to spread of a strange being coming from the Volcano and destroying villages. These rumors spread to that of beings known as the Grimshadow’s, beings which soon paid him a visit before offering him to join them, an offer he accepted, once more only to feel as if he was home again due to other beings working with him once more. 


Dragon form-

Character questions, come to me

•Sliver haruno 



•human but i have magic powers

Home Village:
• the haruno clan
Strength: she cant control her strength 

Agility: she is super fast but docent know here own speed

Durability: docent know

•she wears a black hood always she has glowing red eyes when she is mad she is a great fighter she loves the taste of blood she can be evil at times no one hurts her friends or family she always wears something different but she always has her face covered she wears a mask of a dark fallen angle 

a sniper two pistols a demon sword and shotgun and a shild
always wears a dress but can change the colors on command  
she always has her weapons on her back  she can change any of her clothes on command and wears her symbol on her back 
swordsmanship, magic but dosent know all of it 

Companion(s): a fire fox
when she was little a boy saved her from a dragon she was brought to the hidden leaf village and the harunos took care off her she grew up and became a amazing fighter but she gave it up to find were she came from but she hasn't found it yet so she has been searching for 3 years now she is 17 and she has came back to the village to find the boy who saved her.

the sun comes out from behind a cloud and shines into slivers room."well good morning to you to sun "sliver gets up out of her bed and starts getting dressed she wears a red and black dress and slips in to my black shoes with a red flower on  the tows.i walk into the bathroom and start to do my hair and i put a red and black flower in my hair then i put my mask on the face of the make is painted as a evil cat  i walk back into my room and put my black jacket with the haruno symbol on in and i pull the hood up and then i put my black sniper with a red hand on my back and i put my pistol on my hip i walk downstairs i walk into the kitchen and grab me orange and a apple. i start to walk out of the door but then i remembered water 
 so i ran beck into the kitchen and grab the ice old water and walk out of the door

If you think you need roleplay training, I will train you. 

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Name: NightLurker 
Alias: Night
Species: Codaim- (planet Codeagain). A humanoid reptilian race, the Codaim’s do not focus on powers. They are built for speed as well sight. They each have different coloration patterns to distinguish them. They are also known for their well-known "special" creations such as drinks, strange goods, armor, and weapons. They are basically assassins and know many types of attacks. There foot steps are silent. They eat mainly meat yet also eat plants. Most can reach up to 10 feet high. There life span has been known to last 28,000 years (mature to full adults at 200 years of age), the oldest to ever live being 28,600 thousand years old. They never seem to age making it impossible to guess there age correctly. This race also gives off no energy signatures. Trying to detect them using heat radars is impossible, their heat always changes to match their surroundings, basically allowing them to adapt anywhere from hottest to warmest and not be effected.  The cold, on the other hand, is a problem due to them having to stay warm to live, meaning they have to heat themselves up when it is cold. The species also rarely sleep, and when they do its usually only for 2 hours. They have no scent what so ever to help them sleep in any place possible (caves, woods, etc.) without animals (or beings who see or track by scent) detecting them. They also do as much research as possible on their target before they attack them. This species also have rapid cell generation. A single limb can be regenerated in a matter of minutes (6 minutes top).
Gender: male
Color pattern: He is mainly Blood Red. He is known to have black markings on his cheeks of what looks like an axe blade.  Running from his shoulders to his hand are black lightning strikes. This also spreads out to smaller lightning strikes wrapping around the arm every 2 inches. His legs have the same pattern as this.  His spine has a black pattern that basically is a line running down his spine.  And his chest seems to have the lightning once more from his neck to his stomach. From the top of that lightning bolt are two that lead to the ones that are on the shoulder.  In the bottom are the same things, 2 that lead to the ones starting on the legs.
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Semi-Dark gray
Height: 10 feet
Weight: 480 pounds
Appearance: Night is usually seen in a dark green cloak with a hood. This cloak covers his whole body and has a hood to cover his head thus making it similar to an assassin’s attire. Stored inside the cloak are his weapons, many weapons to be correct.  His hair is down to his neck, but is always kept flowing back. His body is human like, except his hands has what seems to be 2 inch long dragon like talons on them (always sharpened), yet his feet do not have these.  He has a tail he uses to balance himself when running, but this tail has a sharp point which means it is also a weapon. His face is humanoid except for what seems to be a semi iguana like snout. And opening his mouth reveals mainly all sharp 1 inch long and smaller teeth. The one inch long teeth are actually only his canines, which are placed where human teeth would be placed. Within his mouth are 38 of these sharp teeth. He also has 6 inch long horns on his head, this allows easy access for a kill with head butting due to the horns being made out of a specializes bone mineral only found in this species that make the horns almost unbreakable, basically meaning very durable. They do not even know how it’s possible, it’s mainly due to the bone being pure solid and that’s about it.
Personality: Night has rather harsh personality. He is known to be hateful towards almost everyone. He might act as a respectful guy at first, but one would see quickly that he will become hateful within a matter of seconds. He is like this due to the fact he has never gotten along with others that aren’t from the same race as him. One thing about him that is really confusing, he may be hateful and all but if he trusts someone he will show them nothing but respect. He is also not much of a talker, due to the fact he is an assassin, yet when he speaks his voice is a rather deep voice that seems to sound as if it is 2 voices in one. This is his actual natural voice, a voice that sounds like 2 different beings speaking as one, one part sounding a slight bit deeper than the other. He has also been known to speak in a different language, even though he can speak English perfectly fine. He is actually one of the smartest within his race.
Age: 800 (estimated by humanity to be only 28 by his looks)
Speed: 20,000 mph
Strength: Night's strength is incredible. He is strong enough to rip an elephant in half with no problem. This means punching a man once could end in death, if he is lucky.
Defense: he has no real Defense except his scales. His scales are fire resistant, even the strongest of fires have no effect on him, not even lava. The cold also won't affect him for he can heat his body up to allow him to stay warm. 
Armor/ armor info: the armor under his cloak is rather unique. All of it is bullet proof, and can withstand explosions as well. The armor has been made to also withstand hits up to 20,000 pounds of force. This means if the force isn't stronger than that, Then NightLurker is safe. His armor is also all black, made from a special metal on his planet. First off his boots, his boots are specializes with a padding on the bottom. This padding allows these boots to make absolutely no sound when he moves, unless he steps on a twig of course. Secondly his chest plate, which also makes no sound when he moves. Basically all of his armor makes no sound. Yet his arm bands have specialized spikes on them, poison tipped. If he can cut something with these, they will be injected with a poison that only he has the cure to.  This poison eats away the body within minutes, 10 minutes tops to be correct. This armor is just as his scales are as well, fire resistant. Out of all his armor, what he does not wear is a helm and gloves. This is due to the fact that he does not like wearing helms, and loves to feel whatever he touches. His armor literally shows none of his skin, keeping him well protected in those areas.

Rediat: Rediat is a sword Night had created himself over a span of two years. It had taken this long due to the fact Night wanted the weapon to not only be perfect, but meet his needs as well. He wanted a light weapon, clearly for fast swinging, yet also very powerful. The appearance of this sword is similar to that of a Katana. The hilt of this sword is 8 inches long, 4 inches wide, and a 2 inches thick with a dark purple coloration with red stripes. The blade is 4 feet in length, 2.5 inches wide, and 2 cm. thick, making it a rather long and thin blade. Located on the bottom of the hilt is another blade, this blade being 3 in. long, 4 cm wide, and 1 cm thick. Both blades have a black coloration, yet the main blade seeming to have a silver strip running down it when held in the sunlight. Night is always known to sharpen these blades twice a week, keeping them nice and sharp to pierce through strong armor. The material the blades of this weapon is a type of metal that is only found upon Night’s home planet. To Night, this metal is known as Versvesh, which in his language means strong. Upon further inspection of this metal, one would notice that it does not attract lightning or electricity; instead, it seems to repeal them both away from it as if they were an annoying fly buzzing around. Even more so, fire has no effect on the weapon either, not even lava harms it. It’s as if fire gets along perfectly with this metal, yet if that’s the case then how is this metal shaped? Simple, its one weakness is cold water. Yes, cold water weakens this metal to the point it is able to be molded into a shape using hammer like tools and very good crafting skills. Same would think this metal is indestructible, but with cold water this metal is weakened until that water is dried off.

Trinai(s): A kunai like weapon reaching 8 in. long, 2 in. wide and 3 cm thick. It looks similar to that of a kunai except it has 3 sharpened tips, like a trident. It is mainly used for throwing, which in Night’s case can be both long and fast due to his strength. They are made of the same material as his sword, which means very durable and strong. He is usually carrying 12 of these on him, either in his cloak or a small pouch on his waist (Pouch being left or right side) (Poison tip, normal tip)
Sabotage Bombs type 2/ SB-2: These are small 4 in. by 4 in. cube like objects built for destruction. They act similar to that of C4 used on Earth, which is also clearly destructive. Located on the side of each bomb is a button, which is pushed to create a sticky substance upon the bottom of the bomb. This sticky substance allows the bomb to stick to almost anything. This button also activates a command within the bomb to synch it to the detonating switch, a small circular looking device with a button in the center. Each bomb is filled with a powder that is highly explosive, even a single grain can cause a good explosion. The explosion caused by one of these bombs can literally destroy a man to the point he is barely recognizable, as well as body parts being disintegrated into ash. The explosion is that powerful, creating a 5 foot radius, and one knows wants that button is pushed the bomb will go off just as fast. He usually carries up to 20 of these bombs in a pouch located on his waist (left of right side).
Smoke Bombs: Small, sphere shaped objects with a 2 in. radius used from close to medium range.  These smoke bombs are known to be white with black dots. By pushing a button on the bomb, Night then has 4 seconds to throw the bomb, which is enough time to throw it before it goes off.  Upon going off, the smoke bomb releases a large cloud of flammable smoke to cover a radius up to 30 feet, multiple smoke bombs could mean the whole area of the battle field if enough are used. These smoke bombs release smoke quickly to waist little time, filling the area up in 0.5 seconds. He is usually carrying around 6-8 of these smoke bombs within a pouch on his waist (left or right side)
Heat Transformation: As said before, the race NightLurker comes from can cause there heat signature to blend in with its surroundings making it practically invisible to anything sensing heat. How is there possible. Simple, many years of evolution through species on the planet caused some to sense heat, killing off the race NightLurker is from. But as this happened they evolved as well to prevent this.  There evolution was there hear being able to change to the back ground, similar to animals that use camouflage such as some geckos, octopus, and chameleons. Except there form is heat. The downfall to this is if it is cold they are forced to heat up there body to keep them warm, thus meaning this would not work.  
Cell regen: Just as lizards in Earth, this reptilian race can regen lost limbs as well. This race though can actually regen faster than lizards on Earth, which can take weeks. This is also due to evolution in the race after many years. They can regen a lost limb within 6. Minutes, yet still lose blood while doing so. 
Scentless: as most have scents, this race gives off known. Well it does, but at the same time does not.  There scent is one that cannot really be scented. Similar to that of a type of gas on earth, if one may say a gas with no smell. This is how there scent is making theme seem scentless. Again years of evolution caused this.
No energy?: Kinetic and potential.  Energies that can be seen not felt. A race with only these energies though is rather bizarre? Most Alien races have some special powers that cause them to give off energy, which allows them to use powers, this race however has no powers, thus meaning no special energy to give them away. This, in turn, makes him even harder to detect.
Special creation(s):
Revival Tea: as the name describes, this tea is a special type of tea created by shamans of the race. By mixing together some strange ingredients it makes a sort of drink that has a strange effect. This drink revives the one who drinks it.  Yes revives but how? When the user drinks it, which only one can be brought at a time, they are induced with an effect of dizziness for 4 seconds. Afterwards the drink seems to wear off but it does not. It finds its way into the blood stream as well as whole body, once the drinker is dead though, the drink speeds up white blood cells while sending shock waves through the drinker. The speed of the white blood cells causes them to heal wounds within a minute. That’s phase one. Phase two is the shock waves actually get the heart to pump again, without fail. This makes it seem like nothing actually happened. But what if they drinker is exploded? Affect two of this drink is what helps with a case like that. If the drinker is exploded it will form what seems to be a vortex. This vortex gathers the pieces and reassembles then allowing phase one and two to take effect once more.
Speed booster: This drink is basically a drink that allows the drinkers speed to be boosted. It gives the drinker more adrenaline to the point there speed can be brought up by 4,000. This drink also gives off a strange effect when drank, making the drinker blind for 2 seconds.
Strength booster: this drink is basically like steroids. It doubles the strength of the drinker, yet again with an effect. This effect makes the user tired for a good 4 seconds.
On Earth, reptiles are known to give birth to young by the process of laying eggs. That is not the case for the Codaim. As humans do, Codaim’s give birth to live young. The difference is, when born, the Codaim infant is only a few inches long. Instead of milk, these young are provided with a blend of herbs and meat, which is effective for this race to keep them strong and healthy. This was the same for NightLurker, except he was different from most. Both his parents were a part of a rank known as Defenders. Their job was simple; defend the tribe they live in from other tribes. In order to become this rank, one must train to fight a lot. This is how his parents met, for they ran into each other on a day they had decided to train. Since then, they trained everyday all the way up to the day they became Defenders. His Mother, Solstice, was hoping to become a rank higher than the Defenders, this rank being known as the Corrupt. Yes, the name is rather strange, but none in this rank are actually corrupted. They are a rank of fighters who enjoyed fighting more than most should.
His dad, Crow, was one of the strongest in the Defenders. It took him a matter of months to become a commander within the ranks. Yet, with that time he had lost importance in his mate, for a while that is. The day he gained importance once more was the day she told him she was expecting, which meant her fighting days ended until her child was a teen. Now, the reason they had given Night the name NightLurker is due to the fact he was born in the middle of the night with no moon spotted in the sky. Having two strong parents, it was clearly apparent that Night would become just like them.
While growing up, Night had started training at a young age, fending for himself at ages others were still relying on their parents. His training did not bother his education, for not only did he become strong, but also smart. He had achieved what his mother couldn’t by the time he tried out for a position; he had reached the rank of the Corrupt. Not only that, but his skills improved more in more to the point he became a commander within 5 months. He was known widely in the tribe as one of the best, and soon trained for something totally different. NightLurker was the first Codaim to ever become an assassin, taking on a rank of his own higher than the rest and training others to aid him. Up to a certain point, this was basically his life, a fighter with the will to fight and kill anything in his way. But what changed it?
Again, He is very smart and that was never passed by when it came to the Tribe Leader. Night’s intelligence was praised upon by the Leader, and with that came a reward that no one was ever granted. The Codaim race did have ships to travel to other planets, but they had only been used when some resources were needed. Night though had been granted a different task with a ship. This task was simple in some ways but also difficult. He was to travel to other planets, researching other species upon these planets and taking notes. If he could speak to the species, it was permitted to gain more information. Though, if attacked, he was allowed to fight back and kill if necessary. If he had to kill a target, he was to bring it back for the Codaim’s scientist to examine. This is supposed to be peaceful, but the Leader knew for a fact that some would fight. The reason for all of this though is to allow more knowledge on other species so that they may teach it to the young as well as adults. They did not mean harm by it nor did they wish to start wars between other species. They only wanted to gain knowledge on other beings, which some would think by doing this they were trying to compare themselves to others. Night did not decline though; he actually accepted the task with a smile on his reptilian lips. That is where his real journey began.

Name: Kyoku Desta 

Alias: Ky

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Height: 6 ft.

Weight: 162

Birthday: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Race: Unknown Humanoid (Looks Human as well) 

Speed: Ky is able to move up to 4,000 mph. Most of this speed comes from his energy, which is always surrounding him. By some energy on his feet, each step he takes can create a pulse towards the ground, this pulse giving force to push him faster up to 4,000 mph and maintain that speed. The first pulse created allows him to go 200 mph, which in turn clearly means each step increases the speed by 200 mph, meaning by 20 steps he will have reached 4,000 mph. This happens again if he stops and chooses to run once more, he can’t just go back to 4,000 mph from that. Yet, energy is also surrounding his body, basically stated before, which helps with causing damage to himself from the speed. The energy basically repels the pressure pushing against Ky while he runs, making him feel as if there is no pressure at all pushing against him as he runs. 

Strength: Ky has enough strength in him to kill a small Dragon with a single punch, clearly being able to break bones throughout the largest dragons. Though, most would say this would also cause damage to himself, which it would if it was not for the fact that he surrounds his fist with energy, which actually is touching his fist, to prevent that damage, and if that doesn’t work, he always has an ability to help.  

Defense: Ky is known to have thick skin, but no armor. Instead of armor, Ky tends to coat himself with some of his energy. By doing so, he basically creates an energy barrier or an energy conversion shield by how some call it. This allows him to basically magnify the pure undistinguished energy that powers and propels the attack inside the opponents attack, making it over load the attack and convert it to just energy, which is absorbed by Ky’s energy for him to use. 

Energy Level: Ky is well known for his high energy level, some saying it reaches to that of a god yet in reality it only reaches to that of 20% less than a god. It is unknown to exactly why it is this high, but it is most likely due to the unknown race he is from. 

Personality: Kyoku is not the type of person to talk much, though when he does it never turns into a pleasant conversation. He has a hateful attitude with a rather deep, sinister voice to match. This attitude is due to the fact he does not enjoy the company of others, in fact it’s more like he hates everyone even if he doesn’t know them. Ky seems to become rather insane when he reaches his breaking point, which in turn this insanity seems to cause him to laugh, his laugh being just as sinister as his voice with a slight hint of an insane man’s laugh. Must would consider his laugh uncontrollable, yet for him he could hold it back from time to time. It doesn’t matter if he is insane or acting as his normal self, one thing about him will never change; the want to kill. One thing he loved most is to kill, as well as the taste of blood. 

 Appearance: Ky is seen wearing a purple zip up jacket, which is usually 2 inches short from being fully zipped up. There are two pockets located upon the jacket, both which his hands usually rest within. Under his jacket he wears a blue shirt, usually a different one every day, from light blue to dark blue. Upon his face is a gas mask, which he wears for good reason. The hood of his jacket is usually on, yet his sinister red eyes and strange white hair can still be seen. He wears black jeans, again which have pockets upon them. He is usually carrying his weapon(s), but sometimes leaves it (them) strapped to his back. The shoes he wears are black sneakers with lime green shoe laces. Within his mouth are razor sharp teeth, rarely seen by anyone. Though what is seen by many are his 1 inch long razor sharp finger nails, which of course can be deadly even though they are only sharp enough to cut through armor created from leather. 


Name: Diablo

Weapon Type: Duel Bladed Staff

Length: 2 foot blades/ 4 foot staff (8 feet total)

Width: 3 inch blades (starting off at 2 cm and reaching 3 inch by the half way mark.)/ 4 cm staff

Thickness: 3 cm blades/4 cm staff

Appearance/material: Being made from a light black metal, the staff is very durable. Dug several inches into the staff, each blade is well supported by the metal of the staff so that they aren’t ripped out. Each blade started off small in width, yet increases as it moves upwards, reaching its full width at the half way make. Both blades on each side of the staff are made of light, durable steel with a silver coloration. The blade is curved upwards, not by much but enough to make it visible.

Weapon Abilities: undecided/ unknown

Kunai(s): Ky carries up to 8 Kunai with him, all of which are 4 inches long and 2 cm thick, as well as 2 inches wide. This weapon can be used to be thrown or even block attacks. If he has them with him, he usually has them hidden within his jacket.  (Poisoned, Normal) 


Rapid Cell Regeneration: When a wound is created anywhere on him, a small pulse is sent to the brain, this post being a signal, allowing the brain to know that Ky has received a wound. One this signal is received, the brain sends a new signal back to the area of the wound, this signal directed to the cells. The signal given causes the cells to quickly form new cells. A small scratch or cut can be healed in a single post, a larger, deeper cut takes 2 post, losing a limb takes 4-6 post (depending on how much of the limb is lost).

Night Vision: Ky is able to see perfectly in the dark, though it does take him a few seconds for his eyes to adjust from the light to the darkness. 

Acidic Breath: Ky has a strange unique thing about him, his breath. Ky breathes a deadly breath that can kill a man from the inside out. He has been able to do this since birth, and due to that is the reason he wears a gas mask. The reason he breathes this breath is unknown, so is the substance this breath is made of.  This breath is just as its name, an acid like light green breath. In reality, it is actually a toxic like breath at first, yet once released into the air it is exposed to oxygen. Once the molecules of this breath and oxygen collide, they fuse together to form an acidic breath. This breath destroys soft substances such as tissue within the body, meaning it basically destroys the body from the inside out. Though, if that’s the case, wouldn’t it work on the outside body as well? One would think so, but in order for this breath to actually work, it must be inhaled. Why? The air reaching the lungs is warmed and moist due to the airways leading to the lungs being rather warmed and humidified. This means in order for this acid breath to work, it has to clearly include either warm or humidity. The answer is humidity; the area must be moist for it to work. The moisture activates the acid effect of the breath, which in turn destroys the body from the inside out. Yes, if it is rainy or foggy, this breath could destroy the skin from the outside yet also put Ky in danger of his own breath. Yet, how is he not affected by this breath? That is a simple answer; his gas mask helps him regulate clean oxygen, just as any other gas mask would, to prevent bad substances from coming in. On top of that, when he exhales the breath is ejected from the mask. This is down by what seems to be a small fan like system blowing the exhaled air out of the mask just as he exhales. It’s clear the mask can detect when he inhales and exhales, for this fan does not go off when he inhales. 

Same may say that one can’t be born within darkness, but for Kyoku, that was false. He was born inside darkness and raised within it as well. Yes, he was able to see, and be out, in the light once and a while, though it was rare for him. He lived within a cave as a child, going out during the day to learn a few things that, in his parent’s eyes, needed to be taught to him during the day. His parents were both killers, yet did it out of respect. Once killing something, they would do a small chant to bless the being they killed, yet this was something Ky refused to do. His parents grew tired of this, for Ky did not only refuse to do that, but he was also disrespectful and always wanting to kill. He soon had to be locked away in a room when his parents would leave during the day or night, and he still found a way out to kill. 

Finally, by the time he was 14, his parents had grown tired of this action. They couldn’t take care of him; he was too uncontrollable and out of his mind. They thought maybe someone would take him in and take better care of him; despite his actions and the things he could do as well as the unknown species he is from.  Just maybe, someone would be able to teach him right from wrong, but at the same time, survive while doing so. This would be a difficult task for anyone with the way Ky was, but his parents thought someone would be able to do it. 

Before they departed, his mother had given him a gas mask, one specially made for his kind. He was instructed to never take it off or he would end up dead, this scared him a slight bit and he did exactly as instructed, for the time being at least. Though, he realized this meant he could not eat or drink, that would kill him worse than taking off the mask. As they made their way to the location he was to be dropped off at, a pit stop had been made. One that left him alone for a little bit, making his mind race and a grin form upon his hidden lips just as he lifted the mask off. He lived; finding out what his mother had said was a lie. This enraged him, yet he quickly put it back on. He now knew, wherever he was going, chaos was sure to follow. 

It took 2 days from his previous home  to reach his new home, an adoption center located in the middle of nowhere within the state of Kansas. Surrounded by trees and settled within a large field, the rather large building was a sight to see. Hell, it took 2 miles up a gravel path just to reach it. The building held 4 floors, the first of course being where the kitchen and other main areas were located while the rest were bedrooms. It was rather strange; each bedroom held a T.V. its own bathroom, a bed, and a dresser for each kid that stayed within the building. It held a little over 200 bedrooms, meaning there were more kids here than expected. This got Ky excited, the taste of blood and flesh making his mouth water. The Forestry Adoption Center would soon come to meet a monster.

A single hour was all it took to drop him off and leave, his name now registered in the books. He made no friends, avoided all that worked there, and sat within the room assigned to him all day. His mind raced with plans for 2 months, each plan better than the other. Around the first month being there, he had snuck into the kitchen and stolen a knife. His eyes always seemed to lock onto every person for a bit, knowing they would soon be his prey. Ky planned the attack for 4 months, but was ready within 2 months. 

2 months was all it took to plan what he thought would be a 4 month plan, and it took a single day to execute it perfectly. First off, the children were his big problem. He was only 14 and knew some here were older. Morning, the time everyone awakens, was his first attack. His room was rested on the second floor, meaning he had the perfect attack for the second floor up. Some of the kids were already downstairs, yet the ones not met an unlucky end. As each one woke up, they were killed the second they left the room. This was for the second floor alone, those coming from the upper floors saw the bodies and tried to escape, yet failed as Ky had speed advantage to kill them off rather quickly. Each kill stained the walls and floors with the blood of his victims. 

One more floor left to rid of these beings, the first floor. He grinned slightly as he made his way down there, killing all that worked there and the children which remained. None escaped that day, and Ky seemed to take over the place. He marked himself as dead within the books, yet when calls came he acted like the person who ran this place. His new goal now was to lure people to bring children here and drop them off for his own fun. What happened to those he killed? He fed off them, using them to keep him alive. The bodies had been stacked up away from the entrance of the center, so that the new comers would not see them upon coming in. Each body lasted him a good few days, allowing him to survive to this day. 200+ people that day were killed, and more were to come. 

Now 20 years old, he had made this place his home. He lived once more in darkness, cutting the power out to keep it that way. The skeletons of each victim he fed upon had been hidden within the woods, and yet more still arrived every week or so. Ky now controlled this place, yet one thing burned within his mind. Why did his parents drop him off here that day then leave? He had yet to find the answer to this question, though his parents knew the answer all so well. He swore if he ever met them, he would kill them without hesitation then feed upon them. 


As the sun awakened upon the new day, the birds began to sing their morning tunes. Moving from its bed behind the land, the sun exposed its beautiful rays of light, which greeted the plants. The dew upon these plants evaporated to form a fog amongst the land, which gave off a gloomy appearance within the area. This so called “appearance” seemed to fit it perfectly for the fact being, the area looked so lifeless. 

A wide gravel and dirt pathway traveled miles from a road, heading to this area, seemed so boring and worn out from cars driving forth to the stop of this path. The location of this stopping was placed 12 feet in front of a rather large building, curving around to meet up with the path once more. The large structure before the path held an old worn out sign, the words “Forestry Adoption Center “being barely visible upon it. The building, as stated before, was rather large, holding up to 4 floors, each floor being the same size. The first floor held the main sources of the place; kitchen, living room, laundry room, etc. The staircase to the other floors was located within the center of the first floor, up to the 4th. Each floor after the first floor held up to 80 bedrooms, each bedroom being small enough to fit a bed, dresser, and T.V. in. Each one had a window as well in case the children wanted to look outside. Bathrooms upon these floors were located within the rooms as well, allowing the children to have their own bathrooms instead of sharing. 

Upon the outside of the building was a rather dark grey color plastered on the structure. This gave the building a rather dull look, even the playground outside to the right of the building was dull and gloomy, once brightly being painted, but now the paint being peeled away and chipped off as if no one has repainted it for years. Where were the children? Usually kids could be seen at places like these, yet none were in sight. The beautiful green leaved woods surrounded the field which held the building even looked empty, the only animal being seen were that of birds. Looking within the building, it seemed as if no lights were on as well, in turn meaning the sun was the only light illuminating throughout the building. Just what has happened to this place? 

It was clear cars still drove up to this place due to the tire marking within the dirt, the most recent marks being left from a few days ago. This meant people were still dropping kids off at this place, but where were they? Why exactly did this place look so empty and abandoned? A deserted adoption home planted upon in the middle of nowhere, and yet vehicles still came to drop children off? Shouldn’t places such as this be more cared for, or at least in better shape? There had to of been a reason the building is as it is, and there was. That reason was from an event that happened 6 years ago, an event that was never discovered or even cared for. 
Within a single large room located on the first floor, a figure begins to stir. The form being hit with rays of light from the sun caused its red optics to open, the sunlight seeming to glisten off the coloration. As the room was soon illuminated with the sunlight, a 6 foot tall shirtless male would be seen standing at the edge of the bed, his unique white hair being messed up from his slumber. His leg muscles guided him to a dresser located on the opposite wall of the bed, the being lifting his right appendage towards a handle upon the object. As his hand grasped the handle, his arm moved the drawer of the dresser out with the help of the figures muscles.  His hand soon made its way to grasp a blue color shirt, his left hand grasping it next as they both worked together to guide the shirt on him. 

The male soon yawned, both right and left arm stretching. With this yawn one would see the male’s mouth being filled with razor sharp teeth. Every exhale the male made created a small puff of light green smoke, something that was clearly strange for a being to do yet it was already clear this was no normal being. He tapped his finger nails upon the dresser, a small thumping be heard as razor sharp 1 inch nails hit against the wood. His red optics would locate themselves upon the small structure of a mask, to be correct a gas mask. His fingers grasped the mask slowly, placing it upon his face as the strap would be hidden under his white hair from behind. From this mask were two tiny holes, a small fan within the mask blowing the light green breath out with each exhale. 

He let out a sigh as he walked to the door to exit the room. Located on the closed door was a coat hanger, which held a purple zip up jacket upon it. His hands found their way to the jacket, pulling it upon him as he zipped it up, leaving it 2 inches unzipped. He kept the hood back as he turned the door knob slowly with his left hand, opening the door to the view which lay in front of him. His eyes adjusted to what little light there was within the hall leading to his room, his sight soon coming into focus with the design upon the wall, the design which he had created himself in a rather sickening way. 

Dried blood stains painted the wall, now darkened from being so old. Clear signs of blood running down the wall from large splatters could be seen running down to meet the floor, which was also blood stained. As his feet slipped into the black sneakers just outside his door, his optics were focused upon the sight as he admired it, something he seemed to do every day. His artwork was created by his motives of killing the beings that once made this place not only their job, but also their home.  It was not just the  adults who had met this unfortunate end, throughout the buildings the walls had these blood stained designs, some of the rooms as well. No one escaped, no one survived, and this man had killed every living being within this building and made it his home. 

Shouldn’t there be skeletons then? One would think so, and that thought would be wrong. All the skeletons had been moved into the forest, after the man had finished consuming the bodies of each victim. He was young when he did this, 14 years of age, which meant he was now 20 years of age. His birthday was always kept to himself, for he did not feel the need to explain his personal info to others. He spent a week here before he had started to plan the violent assault upon this place, the assault which happened after a month of being confined within this home. The screams that filled his ears that day excited him, the blood that shed upon the floor and walls enlightened him, and they taste of flesh within his mouth comforted him. He had killed all beings within this place and now has chosen to stay here, luring victims now and then to prey upon. Kyoku Desta’s name would be written out of the books of this said adoption center as he would make himself seem dead, yet also act as if he ran the place.

He motioned himself to the living room, near the entrance of the structure, as he sat down upon the couch. His mind flowed with the taste of flesh, hoping soon an innocent child would be brought to him. For now, he had to use knives as a killing method due to the fact the weapon he had mapped out for was not yet completed, this he did not mind due to the fact he did not expect to fight for a long time. Meeting other’s was another thing, he wanted to do that only to lure the beings into his lair and feast upon their dead corpse after killing them, sometimes slowly to torture them. 
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