Now... I don't want to leave anyone behind, but I had a thought.  When I was reading Diaspora it seemed to really lend itself to GM-less play lead by table consensus.  IIRC it even says to try that!

Soooooo.... would anyone care to attempt something like that with our little G+ experiment here?

I'm not finding the energy to really engage with this at the moment. I don't want to remove it or anything, though, and I will get a bolt of inspiration at some point and need to jump-start it. I apologize for petering out.

Is everyone cool with me re-launching suddenly at some time in the future? Seems like that's a feature of this medium -- we have a kind of "save point" and we can re-start whenever.

Did I miss anything?  I've been out with a cold.  I should be back now, though.  I think.  ;)

The Golden Dawn attempts her rescue but fewer than a dozen hours into the project the nanite portion of Ben's attack arrives. Three of the Astarte vessels begin to overheat, glowing on the tower monitor screens where infrared sensors are transmitting. These vessels stop their drives and drift, deploying all radiators in a desperate effort to stay alive. Two are still running their EW pods (though you can't tell if their crews know what's going on) and they die. The continue to glow and then begin to fade in a zero power curve. There's no time to save any of them.

The third is drifting near south slipknot, fading but still running reactor power for life support. They'll live. A while.

The fourth, the Golden Dawn, is fine. Her discarded EW pod does not fare so well and the bridge is forced to shut the radio off that channel. The screaming got to be too much and, having to choose between saving the innocents stranded nearby and their own hidden military, well, let's not say the choice was easy. But it didn't need much discussion.

In orbit Ben and Van do what they can to coordinate the effort while Felix ensures that everyone's ass is covered with paperwork. Vigo meanwhile prepares the story of a lifetime -- on that might just win him an award. Fanatical attack thwarted by Ancient artifact maybe. Maybe something that spins his own participation better. More focus. You know.

Verona is busy as hell, now in constant communication with Serena, though that hour long time lag is a pain. They've both dealt with it before though.

Within a few days it is clear that all that can be done is done. Two Astarte ships are dead. Almost a hundred civilians are safe on Fisher's Rest (where they are now spending their money) though maybe half that were lost. The Golden Dawn is in orbit and her crew is at the downport enjoying some gravity and some local drink with the ALI team. Some of you are re-uniting, having met Serena before. You've all agreed that the Golden Dawn would make a fine base of operations for ALI and Mink was thinking of looking up Serena anyway to join the team.

"So now," says Mink over a Ouisgian Zodas, "we are free again to operate. Serena, we owe you a lot here -- if there's anything you need done, I'm sure we can help. However, I also note that there are three barin-dead 43B ships near the north slipknot and I have always wanted to get inside the tech center of one of those and see what's there to re-sell.

"Ben, when do you think the 43B are likely to respond? Or will they just write this place off?"

(So, please, converse in and out of character about how to proceed. I'll push us forward after I get a feel for what players and characters think is interesting here. Oh and don't forget that you have an immensely valuable load of contraband anagathics with you....)

I've given the character doc a CC BY license -- I hope that's okay by you all. If not please, please speak up and I will happily change it.

Brad and All

Im sorry but Im gonna have to bow out of the game. Feel free to use Vigo as an NPC. I apologize but Im suffering from some seriously annoying food allergy attacks in rapid succession so Im gonna need to take some time to narrow down whats causing all this. 

I really enjoyed what time I got to play. Some great characters and story so far. 

Thanks for the inspiration and the vision all. 

I'm of half a mind to "come clean" with the group about Ben's origin. I already planted a seed in the newest scene, but if you want to keep this ambivalent for a while longer, let me know.

I have a lot of experience with Diaspora and with Fate in general, so the tactical elements of the system are pretty transparent to me. Not everyone wants my analysis though, preferring to make their decisions based only on their own consideration.

Because I am naturally chatty (nosy) I will usually offer my observations. If you prefer not to have that input, please let me know and I will resist!

Hey +Brad Murray any chance of making a subsection of hte community and moving the character sheets to it so we can easily find it?

The Pitdown is a bar in the Empress hotel, the only downport hotel on Fisher's Rest. It's packed. There are far more people than there should be and the noise is substantial. There are a dozen people here some of you already recognize as known pilots in the area.

The four of you enter dramatically but no one gives you a second glance. Mink is carrying the black bag full of anagathics.

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