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Welcome to Gusher community!

Post your feedback here and if you’d like to sign up for beta updates follow instructions at (at the moment there is only one Gusher version around but if you sign up you’ll get updates as soon as they are available).

Pls add more platform for stream like facebook ;)

Hi eeehm..... You can Down the Android Version for 4.0+ or 4.2+ pls i have 4.2 and me dont can use the Aplication {My english is a Shit}

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Portuguese Brazil

Olá queridos desenvolvedores do Programa Gusher, meu dispositivo tem o android 4.4.4 eu testei o SCR Broadcaster (gusher beta) em meu dispositivo com root e funcionou de forma incrível ,porém o apk só gravava a stream durante 5 minutos .

Seria ótimo postar essa versão de teste adaptada na Play store , já que hoje em dia usuários do android 4.0 , 4.1 , 4.2 ,4.3 ,4.4 não tem alternativas para fazer esse serviço de streaming no célular.

English :

Hello Gusher program developers, my device has android 4.4.4 I tested the SCR Broadcaster (gusher beta) on my device with root and it worked incredibly, but apk only recorded the stream for 5 minutes.

It would be great to post this adapted test version in the Play store, since nowadays users of android 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 have no alternatives to do this streaming service in the cell.

Link SCR Broadcasting (Gusher Beta) :!DwxjzRJQ!APTZXlLEjz1qF5ycxMJ0Yj7vF8TQwAC948j5acBJMCI

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Hola, ESTOY PASANDO UNA SITUACIÓN DIFÍCIL, me pueden ayudar en mi canal? porfa, necesito mucha ayuda <3
Chema Rod
Chema Rod

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Hey gusher. An you add that you can see the chat and chat with the viewers and see donations and you can add a thumbnail to the stream and fix the error creating event bug

Can you add that you can see how many people in the stream using the app
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