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I'm the creator of Bard's Tale. I've recently released a fantasy RPG for the Amazon Alexa voice service, that is truer to the original game than anything since. See for more information.

Greetings fellow travelers.  Many years ago I heard that when the first Bard's Tale was made it was believed that the AD&D system was too complex for computers to be able to handle.  Then Bard's Tale came out and showed that it could be done, paving the way for all the other computer RPGs using AD&D-style systems of the time.  Of course Bard's Tale doesn't use AD&D per se', but its system is extremely close.  Has anyone else heard this tale?

Long shot that anyone here would remember, but is their a way in Bard's Tale I, in game, to learn the stats of the items you get?

For example, what's the damage on the "Dayblade" vs a Mithril Sword?

I know I can look it up online, but was wondering if they had to hack the game files, or if I'm just missing a command somewhere.

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The app that contains the newer comedy "The Bard's Tale" & has the original trilogy hidden somewhere........ is free on Amazon right now:


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The Bard's Tale IV Unreal in-engine graphics demo.

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Just spotted Dragon Wars is up for sale on GOG. :)

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The Kickstarter for The Bard's Tale IV has launched!

Check out all the details and submit your pledge — +Brian Fargo is seeking funding of $1,250,000, so be sure to pass on the word!

I've always wondered about the  Death Snares of Destiny Knight.  I managed to solve some portion of them by understanding them, and some portion by randomly guessing, and some I've never understood how they're supposed to work.

Do we have, among us, people capable of putting together explanations of how the hints point towards the solution and/or creating some kind of hintbook for the game?

I know there's an official cluebook, but even reading through it, many of them still don't make sense to me.

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The Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter will launch on June 2, 2015.

Rock Paper Shotgun says, "it’s a fully 3D world of both indoor and outdoor locations... The closest touchstones are Legend of Grimrock 2 and Might and Magic X, and it makes both of them look as retro as the games they’re building on."

Brian Fargo is revealing a lot more about the design, saying, "It’s not multiplayer, we don’t have 40 things running around at once, combat is phase-based… For starters, unlike the traditional approach, where you only get a third of the screen for the movement space, we’re going for full immersion... Doesn’t it just scream VR? You’ll be wandering around in this first person mode, and you can either be snapped to a grid, moving ten feet at a time, or click off the grid and wander around more freely. We really get the best of both worlds there... It’s party based, you’ll create your characters – the bard, the thief, the character archetypes from the first ones, and NPCs joining up to add personality. When combat starts, the camera will then pull back and your group will be represented on screen or with portraits… I hired one of the top Gallic singers in the world to do original music for us. The heritage of The Bard’s Tale is really Scotland, and Skara Brae in the Orkney Islands... You’ll be returning to [Skara Brae], and it’s almost a couple of hundred years in the future and both the old Skara Brae and its dungeon have been built over...  It will pick up where [the original games] left off, though Mangar and Tarjan are dead. I’m not going to say you didn’t really kill them. But their cults live on, and the reasons for what they did will live on in the next story."

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