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Using Google Plus for Professional Development w/ +Luann Hughes and +templeisd

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Lesson material comprised of student contributions is engaging because learners have a stake in the information being used in the lesson. Student voice, in this sense, provides teachers with so many opportunities to access and assess student knowledge in purely formative ways. This post shares 10 tools to make it happen with Google, Poll Everywhere, Verso App, and much more.


How are Teachers Using Social Media in the Classroom?

I am working on an article on the "Use of Social Media in the Classroom" wherein I will be putting insights from practitioners of the same. As we can see the increasing use of Social media around us, how can this be efficiently integrated in the education practices?
I request those who are familiar with the same to mention their take on the use of social media in the classroom and must make a mention in the comment section or get in touch with me.

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Hi all...I am a student in the Rutgers Ed. M. program and need some input for a multimedia project. I teach adult educators to develop continuing training for adult learners, based on experiential learning practices, facilitation, and Adult Learning Theory.

The courses I teach typically last one week. Some include completing written work, then returning 4 - 6 weeks later for a teach-back session. I would like to know your thoughts on the following:

1. What recommendations do you have for using interactive, multimedia learning methods for this type of training?

2. Focusing on the ISD process, how do you feel multimedia could could be used to enhance understanding of that process?

3. How do you feel educational technology can be used successfully for learners spanning Boomers to Gen X?

Thank you in advance for your input!

Anyone currently (or previously) using ITSlearning or Edify as an LMS? Just looking for how teachers/admins feel about these two products. Thanks!

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50 Fabulous EdTech Blogs to Follow
Find some new technology integration blogs to follow, and share any recommendations you have.

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Great chat with +Leslie Fisher about her work and her unique Edtech Perspectives

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Pixel Art Activities for any Subject with Google Sheets
Free 20-color template, directions, and examples for how students can use Google Sheets to create pixel art for activities including making characters, maps, fractions, area, art, and more.
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