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Less than 30 days!

I'm all signed up as a Guroo and awaiting our schedules. A couple of tips for everyone based off the last couple of years:

Water - at a minimum have a couple of containers. Free water to refill is available everywhere.

Shoes - we have to wear closed toe shoes, if suggest to bring an extra pair. If it trains like it usually does, it won't take long to get wet.

Rain - if it rains, be sure to keep your stuff you don't want wet off the ground, even in your tent. A good trick is to pile your stuff on top of your air mattress when you get up. If it rains a ton, it will get muddy really quick.

Sun - have some sunscreen handy. Some of us will be there for a week, others for 5 days... Besides staying hydrated don't get sunburned. It sucks in these conditions.

Please share other fun tips and I'll keep this post stuck at the top!

Can't wait to see everyone on the farm!

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Good read of 2015!

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Great, first evening in the farm! +Bonnaroo​ is starting out great!

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Some good tips for packing!
The Bonnaroovian Code says… Prepare Thy Self

Wondering what you need for the perfect weekend on The Farm? Take a look at our suggested packing list:

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Christmas in June!
Snake & Jake’s Christmas Club Barn is back! 
Party under the glistening lights of a candycane-coated courtyard, eat Santa’s Garlic Knots and dance to an entourage of musical entertainers including Jon Cleary, New Breed Brass Band, Tiki Disco, Full Service Party and more. Plus, get weird at raging costume-themed parties!


Returning Volunteers can sign up now!

I have my deposit paid for and am signed up for a GuRuu spot again! Can't wait to make it to the farm!

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Just received the email, returning C'roo members will be able to sign up in 1 week! Here's the text from their email:

Hello C'roo 2014 and 2013 Members!

We're getting even closer to launching the C'roo applications for Bonnaroo 2015! Applications will go live for returning C'roo members only on February 20th at noon EST. We will not be opening up applications for new volunteers until Monday, March 2nd.

This year we've changed up a few things as we continue to develop and improve the C'roo experience. Before you apply, you should be sure that you've read through all of the information here including all of the new C'roo descriptions. We've been going back through our Festival C'roos and combined some, eliminated some, and separated out a few as well.

As was our policy last year, the only people who are eligible to apply for PRE-Show positions are returning C'roo members. We'd love for you to get as many of your friends involved in Bonnaroo as possible but just know now, if this is their first time on the C'roo, they absolutely can not apply for a PRE-Show position and they won't be able to arrive to the site until the Tuesday before Bonnaroo with the rest of During-Show folks. We only have 175 total PRE-Show positions available so it's a very limited group of people who will get them and we want to reward as many people as we can for coming back with those positions.

The same rules apply as last year as far as getting your desired C'roos. The sooner you apply, the sooner you get accepted, the sooner you pay your deposit, the sooner you know which C'roo you will be on. In fact, we are sticking with the 72 hour deadline of when you submit your deposit, you will know which C'roo you are on. Remember that Clean Vibes is set up a little different and you apply and pay your deposit at the exact same time.

As we mentioned in our last email, we are using a new application software to manage applications and scheduling for Festival C'roos. We still have all of your information from Shiftboard so that we can verify your applications as returning C'roo members but we are now using a program called VolunteerLocal.

So are you ready to apply? Again, applications will go live for returning volunteers on February 20th at 12pm EST. This year in order to try and ensure we keep it just for returning volunteers, PRE-Show and During-Show Festival C'roo applications will be password protected until we launch to the general public on March 2nd. Please, for the love of all things Bonnaroo, do not share these passwords with anyone. We will be going through and verifying all applications as returning volunteers before confirming C'roo assignments.

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Woot! #SpicyPie
It's National Pizza Day so we thought we'd just, uh, put this here. Do with it what you will! #spicypie #nationalpizzaday #pizza #bonnaroo

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4 months to go!
What do you think of our new look for 2015? Thanks to +steven wilson  for helping us look goooood!

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Lineup has been announced for 2015. Late Feb/early Mar volunteer sign-ups will open up. Excited!
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