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!!!... Funny Situation ...!!!

It has been more than 3 years since I'm on completely Boycott of the products of Israel and the products who support Israel.

People made fun of me and reasoned with me that what is the benefit of this.


This time We are going to Boycott Indian products.

My question is why? What is the difference between India and Israel or what they are doing?

I tell you what. India is attacking on us(Pakistan) now. So now this is our matter but Israel is attacking on Muslims of Palestine. This isn't our matter.

I don't why we forget the saying Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) in which He mentioned that ALL MUSLIMS ARE LIKE A BODY. IF ONE PART GETS HURT THE WHOLE BODY WILL FEEL THE PAIN.

We are not Ummah (One Nation) anymore. We are only Nationalist. This is the main reason of why Muslims are suffering in this age.

Jazak'ALLAH Khair.

Jihad bil Nafas is exactly the biggest Jihad

If You have to do
1. Jihad bil maal
2. Jihad bil Lisan
3. Jihad bil Qalam
4. Qital Fe Sabeel ALLAH

For all these You need to convince your Nafas/Heart ... So Jihad Bil Nafas is the base of all kind of Jihad ....!!!

If You can control your Nafas according to Islam you will know what is right or wrong ...!!!

Jazak'ALLAH Khair

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People who call them
Logical Muslims
Educated Muslims
Not Blind Follower Muslims

They share a lot of great things, great quotes, great peoples death anniversary, Birthdays.


How come I never see a single ayah of Qur'an on their wall or a single saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

I was just wondering.

" Forgive, but also learn a lesson. Don't start to hate but try to never get close enough get hurt again. Don't let forgiveness become the  foolishness. "


!!!... Change is hardest in the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the ending ...!!!


Minority & Majority
Remember Minorities never represent the society they are just part of the society ...!!!
The Society is represented by Majority ...!!!
So Whenever Something good or bad happens by Minorities it isn't the reflection of the whole society but it has an impact on the society ...!!!
Whatever is done by Majority is the reflection of the society and the society is known for this ...!!!
Just a thought by Me (Safwan Hashmi)

" Some people are born Liar/Fake. The most amazing thing is that they know what are they doing but they can't help it.

These people need some serious prayers from good people. This is the best good people can do for them. "

Safwan Hashmi
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