Welcome to Pup Play NYC.

My name is Xena. Most of you were wondering what this is hmmm...?

Pup Play NYC is a class where people who are into Kink or mostly BDSM puppy Play can come and take a class or two (depending if they want to come x amount of times) to explore or basically grasp the concept of what puppy Play is about.

If you are already a Pup and you are either into puppy Play deeply like I am or you come to the classes to gain more knowledge that's great too. We love meeting new people and branching out too.

Classes will be in NYC : Coney Island N.Y. (Brooklyn). To get there take the N, Q, D or F train to Coney Island. When you get off, walk to the boardwalk by Whalburgers and that is going to be the meeting spot.

Classes are $5.00 /each to attend.
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