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Ok. So we talk about what has happened to Fandoms and whatever. Please stay nice. Don't be shits please. Don't fight about things. If you need just mention me and I will get to you as soon as I can.

Can i just point out in the hetalia fandom and others how misrepresented characters are in like fanfics. like France is not a rapist, Russia isn't evil, and Spain isn't a pedo. also for homestuck: STOP ACTING LIKE WHAT ERI ,GAM , AND VRIS DID WAS OK!

i'm done now

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happy late 4/13

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look at dis bois

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The Bendy and the Ink Machine fandom ain't that bad y'all.

So. Lately I have kinda been going over some old fandoms and stuff and tbh most of the time I don't like anymore is because of people who make oc's that make no since at all or are Mary Sue's. It is just sad to see a lot of good things be ruined. Here are a couple of fandom's I have seen ruined.

Creepypasta: "the killer" people. So many people put the killer at the end of the names. Try Something new please. The "no one Can kill me" people. So this is being OP. Please don't. Everyone has a Weakness. (Last one) the "I ship my oc with (insert cp name)" people. Ok so look. They are insane and crazy murderers. They won't love you. They will ethier us u or kill u.

Undertale: I love the game but hate the fandom. The "way op" people. Please. Don't. The "no can can have sans but me" people. Most of them are trolls but don't. Its wrong. The "Skelton oc's". I don't hate that people do it but it is used so much.

FNAF: The games are good but I can't handle the fandom at times. I don't feel like talking about it. U all get the point by now.

I am sad to see all these good things be ruined. Please tell me what u think. Tell me if I was wrong or if u want o add something that I didn't. I am sorry if I said somethings wrong. I am. It hating on anyone. This is my opinion. Plus I am writing this at 1:39 am. So I am tried. Night guys.

Ok. Here we talk about Mary sues and you can gets some tips and good stuff. Please don't agure. Don't fight. Be nice Please. Thank you.

And here. You can talk about fandom's. Be nice please. People can like what they want to.
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