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CGI Product Visualization

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Community Rules: Please read before posting

We want to welcome all who have joined the Product Visualization / Visualisation community and to let you know about our community rules.

If we can all follow these simple guidelines, we will keep this community on a high level, with interesting and enjoyable articles/photos.

1) Do not submit more than 3 posts/photos per day. let other people also the opportunity to share. If you will post more than 3 we will delete all your submissions.

2) Submit only your own photos and not those belonging to others, unless you have their permission. REMEMBER: you are responsible if you post copyright material.

3) When you post a link or a photo, please add some text explaining what we are seeing.

4) Please, post only articles/photos about Product Visualization. Save the kids and cute kittens for other communities.

5) Do not use short URL links.

Thanks for your cooperation. If we all follow the rules, we will make our community vibrant, informative and hopefully create a spam-free zone for fun and informative discussion.

Please feel free to share!

#Produktvisualisierung #Product #Visualization #Visualisation

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