It was the first day of a new year and Shuya was tired as usual when it's his first day. He was looking around for Illi.

Hey +Wilson Meadows​ you wanna get the first rp started?

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Name: Illi
Age: Same as Shuya
Gender: Female
Main Weapon: Katana
Sub Weapon: Black Eggs
Magical Element: Fire, Smoke, and Heat
Bio: Illi is a student that takes her work seriously. When she starts something, she follows it through to the end. Illi is said to be one of the most promising students at the academy. She is a collective girl, not speaking unless she feels like it's needed. She is also very supportive of her peers and will always try her best to cheer them up. Do not make her angry though, she might cut off one of your thumbs and stomp on the rest of your fingers.

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Name: Shuya
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Main Weapon: Bow
Secondary Weapons: Kunai
Magical Element: Ice and Water
Bio: Shuya is a student that doesn't like talking much. His best friend is Illi. He really likes going solo. And that's why he's only able to work with 2 people one of which is Illi. If you make him mad you wanna run fast.

So what do you need help with here?
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