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Title: Undertale Sans AUs x reader

Chapter one: wish comes true

Y/n was walking around her house carrying her private sketchbool and she wished something "i wish that the sans and papys cane to life...." She chuckled "nah how silly am i? That ain't coming true" she sighed as she setted her book in her room and teleported downstairs and froze stopping and she heard voices "WHERE DAFUQ ARE WE?!" Screeched a deep voice "oh my gawd edge((Edgy MC my chemical romance xD)) shut up!!!" Yelled a second voice Y/n stayed quiet feeling scared as hell "u-u-um" you whispered as you walked in the living room as it went deadly slient "h-h-hi?" You stuttered as a skeleton wearing a blue scarf and a battle body

"i the magnificent sans shall capture you and bring you to the captial!" He yelled you tired to contain yourself from squealing and hugged him "oh meh gawd you're so cute!" He blushed light blue "i-i the magnificent sans d-d-disagree!" You let him go and looked at everyone "well this is my house you may do whatever you want but..don't touch my sketchbook or fight got it?" You questioned as your right eye flared a bit blue and purple "y-y-yes ma'am everyone replied scared "good" you said teleporting your sketchbook in your hands.....

((Chapter 1, part 3: And so it begins..))
Tony eyed the table of contents, the first chapter contained everything from controlling, to harnessing demonic power. The second chapter taught time travel, third chapter was shape shifting, Et cetera.

B-but.. How?? This cannot be coincidence..

Just then he heard a loud wind inside the building, it traveled through the ventilation system and came out as a purple smoke

???: No, it's not simple coincidence..

Tony: Who the FUCK are you?!

???: Call me Fear..

Tony: Okay.. Umm.. But why though?
the smoke began to take human form

Fear: Because I am the fears of every being in the universe, and brother to the demon inside you. It's taken root in your soul, and you two are inseparable.

Tony: his eyes widened as he looked back through the book quickly No! It can't be impossible! There has to be some way to get him off of me!

((Chapter 1: And so it begins.. part 2))

As Tony walked about in the old abandoned building, he stopped at the library and pulled out a book

Tony: I need to know.. How to control this..

he had read the entire book in no time, and found nothing that would help his condition

Tony: DAMMIT!! he threw the book down THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING!!
he started punching walls, he knocked a giant hole in the wall, to discover a secret room. He ripped the wall open and saw an old wizard's library, complete with potions, spell books and more

Tony: How come I've never seen this room before..?

he started looking around, and discovered a separate book on a pedestal. Tony raised his eyebrow and opened the book..

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Tony's appearance is in the picture


"This story is one of the impossible, becoming possible. About two species uniting, and becoming one; those two species being humanity, and the demonic race. The main protagonist In the story being Antonio summers, but everyone else calls him Fear."

Tony: Yes.. I remember it like it was yesterday. In the year 1849 I was born, but with a terrible trait; I could become a demon, fear itself.

Narrator: "March 3, 1849 at precisely 4:03 PM in London. Antonio summers came into this world, but even as an infant, he knew something was wrong. You see, Tony's mother was possessed, and it did not take kindly to pain. Tony's mother Margaret was almost torn from the inside out after he was born! Her organs stretched, her veins popped, and she started bleeding from the mouth. Margaret died at midnight that night, and with a sound like thunder, the demon left her body; possessing her son, giving him the mark of the hybrid."

((Chapter 1 part 1: And so it begins..))

Narrator: "It is now 1864, Tony is fifteen years old. He had to hide from the bullies at school so that he wouldn't destroy them."

Tony is running through an alley, and arrives at a dead end

Mike (school bully, 17 years old):

"Nowhere to run, Tony. I told you not to mess wth me.."

Tony: N-no! Stay away from me, I don't want to hurt you!

Mike: "What're you going to do, cry so much it breaks my eardrums?"

Tony: As Micheal said this, my eyes turned pitch black No, I'm going to break every bone in your body..

Mike: "Yeah, right, wimp."
he threw a punch at Tony's nose

Tony: I caught his fist and twisted it violently, making him scream
You were saying..?

Mike: as he screamed, he threw his other fist at Tony's gut

Tony: I caught his fist, turned his back towards me, kicked his back and his shoulder muscles started to snap

Mike: he started screaming louder
"P-please! No more!"

Tony: It's too late to stop..
I kicked him again, he flew towards the wall and crashed his head, I still held his (now disconnected) arms in my hands. I jumped up and disappeared to my home, an old abandoned house in the outskirts of town
When will people learn to leave me alone..
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