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In honesty: I actually really enjoyed Delphini. Very few seem to agree with me, but I liked the character, not just because I'm into the villain characters, and loved Bellatrix, as well as love the idea with her and Tom. But, i get a kind of reasoning for it, try thinking of it this way:
- She was born not long before the war, as stated by herself. So I thought of this, Voldemort didn't have actual feelings for Bella still, no that won't change. But he loved power and winning. Possibly, he could've only some such for the reasoning of, in case he lost the war, he'd want to have an heir to himself. One that could inherit some of his powers, as well as be possibly powerful in it's own way. And so, he did just that, had an heir to be there and take over if he had lost the upcoming war, as a just-in-case. Choosing Bellatrix to be the carrier for obvious reasons, her being probably the highest ranked Death Eater, and so having enough respect in his mind, as well as the best, if not only, female Death Eater, who he knows would never deny such a thing. In fact, it's obvious he had to already know she thrives on her insane love for him. As well as her being completely Pureblooded and as power-hungry as he is. Out of anyone he knows, he'd want to have an heir most like her as well as himself. Make sense?
Just a little explanation here in why I think Delphini even exists, saying all of this to possibly find others who understand and maybe not give the character as much hate, with a little added reasoning.
Anyone agree with me on this? Is this good reasoning?
Summary: In case the "low chance" that he lost the war, he wanted an heir to himself to take over. And so, choosing Bellatrix to be a carrier for reasons of:
Blood purity
High-ranked Death Eater, as well as one of only females
Has his respect to an extent.
Never actual emotional love on his part.

Anyone have any other kinds of reasoning, possibly to add to this?

Be honest. What are the best thing and worst thing about this book? For me:

1) Scorpius Malfoy. What a great character indeed. Changed my whole perception about the Malfoys in general..

1) Delphi Diggory/Riddle.. I can go about it for days but in general, what a poorly-written character coming from a crazy idea that The Dark Lord actually did the nasty with Bellatrix. The whole concept of his existence was that he was incapable of love.

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