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Life in bad chairs is at least a little bit hazardous to your health frown emoticon
I described The Chair Problem to clients in many ways. I called my excessively sitting clients “chair warriors” who came to me with “chair wounds.” I said things to them like, “Did you get in a fight with a bad chair?” (So witty!) I told them that sitting in a bad chair is practically like an Olympic event, and they were elite chair athletes — that they could endure it thanks to regular chair endurance training since kindergarten.
“If you put a caveman in a chair for eight hours a day,” I’d quip, “you’d probably kill him.”
Occasionally, I told the young chair warriors scary stories about the crippled old ones. I saw people at every stage of their chair-o-centric careers, and at every stage of chair-induced disability...
frown emoticon Twentysomethings just beginning to feel a bit stiff — an annoyance!
frown emoticon Thirtysomethings living with the constant annoyance of pain and stiffness
frown emoticon Fortysomethings suffering from an array of mildly debilitating chair-induced injuries
frown emoticon Fiftysomethings driven from their jobs by serious chair-induced malfunction
Now my butt feels numb half the time. I creak and crackle almost continuously. My neck has a nasty crick three days out of five. My shoulders are hunched forward like they’re being pulled on by teams of oxen. And ominous aches flicker around my body like brush fires.
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