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Selfie. The challenge was to create a journal page about yourself. Draw a self portrait, use a photograph, cut up magazine clippings, describe yourself, write poetry, make lists, etc... All about you.

The photo below is my page.

Hi! +Audrey Michelle  :)

I’ll be posting 52 challenges/prompts and you can follow along with me.  Some challenges will be simple (like use 1 color only) and other challenges may be more difficult depending on your skill level (like doing a contour drawing).  And each challenge will either be a journal question in itself or I’ll post a few prompts to go along with the challenge.  Other weeks the focus will be the journal question and however you want to answer visually will be up to you. 
The idea behind this is to get you (and me) journaling and challenging ourselves to go beyond our comfort zones each week.  To start digging into who we are as creative individuals and to figure out our next steps as we answer questions about ourselves, where we are right now and who we want to be. 
Join me….
Week 1:  What is my purpose in making this Art Journal?  I think to start we need to answer a basic question, what do we want to get out of this.  I’ve answered this question above, but you may need to answer this.  It’s a good idea to document your answer as well.  This week and question is a great way to decorate your cover and/or first page.  
Further questions:  Do you want to make this art journal because___
you want to challenge art techniques?
Explore Art Methodology?
Answer questions about life? In a fun creative and visual manner?
Have space just for me to be fully me?
Express myself?
Figure out goals?
Any number of questions above….?
Once you’ve picked or thought about your purpose, take some time to create your cover art, and write down creatively what it is you want to explore in the journal.  Take a week, plan a day to sit down and create and think.  This is for you to focus, take a look into why you want to create a visual journal and to keep you challenged. 
Remember this is for you.  This is not for me, or for your family to see.  This is your private space.  Share if you need encouragement.  Share if you’ve done something exciting or pushed through a roadblock or overcame a challenge.  But don’t feel pressure to do so.  This is your private, keep out, mess it up, push the envelope space. For you.
I’m open to helping you out.  I’m open to chat about your Art Journal because my intention is to see you overcome being inside the box, getting on the other side of roadblocks and setting up good habits.
I look forward to this journey and I hope to see you join me.
Contact me on Facebook, here and I’m also on Google+ (Julia Spencer)

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