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After successful gathering of the Enlightened strike force in Amsterdam ( #AmsterDAMN ) and Rome ( #CaputMundi ), Paris seemed to be a good candidate city for the next European Enlightened big challenge and reunion.

We have been used to challenging ourselves at each new operation. But this time, we wanted to reach a new level of crazyness. We decided to beat the record of P8 concurrently standing in a single city by building at least 4000 P8 portals within one night. (Previous record being 1878 P8 in Barcelona within 31 hours)

The date was set on Saturday, November 8th (hoping that no official Niantic anomalies would overlap with our event), and first invitations were sent early this summer.

More than 230 Enlightened agents from 12 countries took part in this adventure : The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Belgium and France.

The challenge started in the afternoon, when local players planned to turn Paris parks into green P8s before their closing times. In the meantime, some other local agents spent the day in the Tuileries garden to greet visiting players and offer them a “welcome pack” full of goodies and useful information.

The most difficult part of the organisation was to prevent our foreign visitors not to show any visible ingress activity before the night of the event so that we could remain as discreet as possible. But obviously that was not a complete success as everyone was also rushing for their own next achievement/medals.

Eventually, everybody gathered at 10:00 PM at the meeting point to find his team and get a last briefing. At 11:00 PM, everyone was in his area and the green P8 festival began from 19 different places accross Paris.

During 8 hours, 19 teams built up Enlightened level 8 portals within their assigned area and beyond, exceeding the initial goal after only 6 hours, under supervision of the chief operator’s delighted eyes.

At 7:00 AM, more than 4800 (or 5200, depending on the counting tools) Enlightened P8 were concurrently standing in Paris city, thereby smashing numbers from previous operations and establishing a new world Ingress record !
This huge number of level 8 portals was achieved within 8 hours, which sets an average speed of more than 600 P8/hour : fastest speed achieved being a new P8 every 4 seconds !

We would like to thank every country and every single agent who took part in this operation. Nothing would have been possible without you. This week-end was amazing and will remain a historical moment for Paris Enlightenment ! 
“We are the world. we are crazy. we are Enlightened !”

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Green Paris 8.0
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Hola gente, por aqui uno que se añade al gueso de las fuerzas. Estoy por la zona de Eugenio Gross/Martinez de la Rosa. Para lo que necesiteis...

Buenas, Pterois20 desde Gibraltar pidiendo acceso al grupo

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On track to launch today!
New L9-16 #Ingress agent levels and Ultra Strikes for All!

More Agent Levels - The number of Levels is expanding from 8 to 16.  Agents achieving higher Levels will gain the ability to recharge Portals at greater distances. Higher level agents will also have expanded XM storage capacity in their Scanners. Agent avatars will reflect the new Levels and an updated level interface on the agent profile will keep agents informed of their progression.

Ultra Strike Weapons - The powerful Ultra Strike Weapons, previously exclusive to Motorola Droid devices, will now be available to all Ingress agents. Ultra Strikes are a special, rare type of XMP Burster that are particularly effective against shielded Portals. These valuable weapons are now available to all agents on all devices, adding a new tactical dimension to the struggle between the Resistance and the Enlightened.

Pro tip: Fire an Ultra Strike will standing directly on the center of a Portal to maximize the chance of a critical hit taking out a Shield or other Portal Mod. Once the Portal Shields are down, stand directly on a Resonator to maximize the damage and chance of a critical hit on that Resonator in order to take it out.
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Buen día para todos los amigos españoles.

Les escribo para solicitar información acerca del pasado evento #Interitus en Málaga.

Quisiera entrevistar a jugadores que hayan estado en el evento y nos hablen de ¿Cómo funciona? ¿Qué debe hacerse? ¿Cuál es la metodología?, igualmente acerca de la experiencias en este tipo de evento de #Ingress como cualquier otra información importante que debamos saber para los eventos que vienen en latinoamérica.

Ya se han anunciado como ciudades satélites; La Asunción, Paraguay, Santiago de Chile y Santo Domingo en República Dominicana y la experiencia es casi nula con respecto a este tipo de eventos.

Será una entrevista para el programa #Deploy9 por lo que será grabada en audio según acordemos.

Gracias de antemano por su valiosa ayuda.

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