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Writing a Good Post About Materials Science
or Why did my post disappear?

From time to time we want to remind people of our guidelines about writing a good post here on Materials Science on G+.  

This is a fascinating community and the strong guidelines are what we think make it that way.  We heavily moderate this community and you might see your post disappear.  Why?

The number one reason is, it might be what can be called Link Litter or a One Liner.  These are posts that say just one sentence or even just one word describing a link.  [Interesting]   or   [I just found this and wanted to post it]  are not a good lead-in to a post and will get the post removed. This is also not a place for memes, there are many other communities devoted to just memes and jokes.  Please no self promotion. And please no more than one post a day.

Composition  - Please,  "No links without explanation. Accompany any link with an explanation of why you think it's share worthy. Write a paragraph or two (not just a sentence) that summarizes the key scientific content and why you were intrigued." We are a material science community first and foremost, and we request that your post brings out the science front and center. We do not want the response "Check the link, it has the science", we prefer engagement in the community itself.

Sources - Please check your sources; if you can, find the original research paper and post a link so people who are interested can see what it was that you found so stimulating.  You have the largest library in the world, right at your fingertips. If you are attributing a science journal, please provide the link and links to the original research papers will be appreciated. Reputable sites are preferred. Blogs and news articles may not always meet the cut.

Videos - Remember that many people read from a mobile device and might not have the bandwidth to view that video you really like.  So give a good description that will entice those people to come back and have a look later.  Also please give full credit to all videos, someone worked hard to make that science video, and they deserve the acknowledgement. The videos should have commentary like any other post. A video is NOT a source. Youtube videos will not be considered as sources.

Posting takes a little work on your part to make your post one that people will read and comment on.  And, check those comments; please, don't post and run. 

Thanks for reading this and please have fun while learning about Materials Science.
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9th World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering
June 12-14, 2017 Rome, Italy.


Theme: "Outlining the forefront research in the field of #Materials_Science and #Engineering".

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Interesting nano tech article
By grabbing various types of atoms and putting them together LEGO-style, the new technique could potentially be used to build tiny wires for a wide range of applications, including fabrics that generate electricity, optoelectronic devices that employ both electricity and light, and superconducting materials that conduct electricity without any loss. The scientists reported their results today in Nature Materials.

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A tissue engineering group developed a gel material infused with a synthetic peptide that in lab cultures and animals healed chronic diabetic wounds faster than a current commercial treatment. #Science #Engineering #Health

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An enterprise formed earlier this year is licensing an engineered bone tissue repair technology that mixes ultrafine diamond particles with biocompatible polymers. #Science #Business #Engineering #Health

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Vaccines against viral diseases today need to be kept refrigerated to prevent spoilage, which raises costs and often prevents their widespread use in many developing regions. A team of materials scientists at Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, or EPFL, proposes methods for storing vaccines without refrigeration for many days. #Science #Technology #Health

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Research engineers designed a process that gives ordinary nylon fibers the ability to bend and flex like artificial muscles. #Science #Engineering #Materials

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New microstructural model for long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFTs)
The automotive industry uses long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFTs) when manufacturing lightweight structural parts such as bumper brackets or door modules. Accurate simulation methods are needed to exploit their maximum lightweight potential. Therefore, the material’s microstructure needs to be considered. In this respect, however, existing simulation methods currently…
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