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Приглашайте друзей в наш проект!
С приглашенных по реферальной ссылке, Ваш доход составит:
1% от сбора БОНУСОВ
Мы выдаем каждому новому зарегистрированному пользователю 10 000 SATOSHI на приобретение 1-го BITCOIN-КРАН №1 для автоматического майнинга. Зайдите в раздел АВТОМАТИЧЕСКИЕ КРАНЫ и купите BITCOIN-КРАН №1. С уважением Администрация!

Post has attachment - Would you like to receive Bitcoin for your unwanted items? Please consider The Bitshack Auctions for a global marketplace for goods traded in Bitcoin. If you are looking for a BitMit alternative or just a safe, secure and reliable crypto marketplace, register today and start bidding or selling. Our Multi-Sig wallet management and free escrow service allows for bank grade security regarding Bitcoin transactions and our identity is registered with all our service providers in full. This makes for a virtually ‘trustless‘ marketplace on which to buy and sell items easily & internationally.

Selling your items for Bitcoin is probably one of the easiest ways to obtain BTC and we provide a safe and secure environment to enable you to do this. We are based in the UK but the platform enables international trade safely and simply.

We have…

- Buyer controlled or automatic escrow.

 - SSl, DNSSEC & firewalled servers.

 - Multi-Signature secure wallets for all user deposits and proceeds!

 - Easy to use, low cost international integrated courier service. Buyers can arrange a collection if preferred.

 - Blockchain integration.

 - Unlimited bandwidth.

 - Low fees, only 2.55% with no minimum fee. 5 free images & featured listing option.

 - Sell anything you want as long as it’s not illegal or explicit. See our rules.

We want to promote and encourage trade in Bitcoin and crypto-currencies so our fees are low and the focus is to keep The Bitshack Auctions a positive, open and great place to buy and sell your unwanted items. Buying is easy, it’s the familiar auction model. Place bids, make offers or buy now and when you’ve ‘won’ your item, you'll be asked to pay either directly or through escrow. Always use the escrow. it's free and once you're happy, release the payment for the vendor to withdraw, it's that simple.

We believe you should have the choice to use an escrow service or not. Our ideal is to protect the buyer, build confidence and increase sales for trustworthy vendors. We can only help if you use escrow and in the event of a dispute you should raise an escrow investigation. Read more about escrow and dispute procedure on the Info pages on site.

All coins are kept in Multi-Sig wallets and are not moved throughout the whole process except when a withdrawal is made. This means no-one can access the funds in your Bitshack Auctions account even if it’s in escrow. You will know this because when you withdraw your Bitcoin, the sending address will start with a 3 instead of a 1. Multi-Signature requires two of three potentially available keys in order to make a transaction and removes any single point of failure or attack meaning your funds are safely deposited with us and can be reached even in the event of a third party failure such as going down.

It's a peer reviewed system so please leave your feedback honestly and promptly. Reward good practices and highlight those that don't. Our free Multi-Sig deposit wallets and escrow service allows for buying confidence and bank grade security for your deposits and purchase proceeds when used.

20% of all profits from The Bitshack Auctions go to the registered charity 'Not For Sale', working hard to stop modern slavery in all it's forms and we'll publish any donations given for clarity and transparity.

Thanks for reading and happy bidding, hope we help you have a clear out and help find you some bargains! Thanks for getting involved and please get in touch with any feedback, questions or queries. We're here for the long haul and are genuinely excited and very passionate about the potential of crypto-currencies on the global economy.

Go Crypto.  #bitcoin #marketplace #auctions 

Marc Lesslie - The Bitshack Auctions -

Is Bitmit still accepting new sign up's? I get a "Sorry, you are currently not allowed to sign up." I've tried at work and home with different emails over two days.

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