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Dijital çizimim - My digital drawing

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Crepusculo by Jose Higuera
81x100 cm. oil on canvas
You are very welcome to visit my page. I'll be so happy if you like it.
Thanks and greetings!!

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Ends on the tenth
Ok to all my fallowers! This is a contest special for 80+ fallowers!
Do not skip this if you fallow me!!!
How to enter!: go down in the comments and say "art!" And subscribe to my YouTube Chanel. If I plus one your comment that means your in!

What the heck are we supposed to do Willis!?: first off you draw one or more of the ocs I have below (it can be in any format). The more ocs you draw your chances of wining are slightly increased!

Rules!!: 1. No tracing art I make sure that all art that is submitted is not a trace or a copy.
2. No hate!!! Everyone's art is good if you think someone's art needs work give them some tips and trick to help them out because we are good ppl!
3. Don't be mad if you don't win top 3 everyone gets a prize in the end!
4. Have fun and be creative!!

What to do when done!: post it any where with the tag #PuppetGamingArtContest! Or tag me.

1st place: a full body colored in commission of their oc, aswell as a head shot, collab, a shout out, and a mention on my YouTube Chanel
2nd: head shot colored in, commission, and a shout out!
3rd:head shot, sketch dump of your oc, and a shout out!
Everyone else who entered gets a shout out and a little oc sketch!

Good luck!
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Everyone wins something! I can draw ponies, furries, dragons, gemsonas, warrior cat ocs you name it! deadline is August 1st
I'm hosting an art competition!!!

Please Read

1st Place winner will get a drawing of their character or OC of choice. Full color, shade, and background.

2nd Place winner will get a drawing of their character or OC of choice. Full color with background.

3rd Place winner will get a full colored sketch of their character or OC of choice. No background.

Other Contestants if you don't make it to the top places, you will still get something for your efforts. You will get a torso portrait, of your character or OC of choice. It will be roughly sketched, digital, with no color.

prize examples are demonstrated in pictures below


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• You must draw any one of the 4 characters. In the pictures below. 5th picture shows them You can draw 1, 2, or all 4 if you want.

• I prefer them to be digital with color, but sketches are fine.

• When you submit your art just mention my alternate account +Chrysoprase

DEADLINE: August 1st

if you cannot find my alt account use this tag #ChrySubmissions

If there are any questions feel free to ask!

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Anyone want to suggest an oc? If so what style?
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Half ______/Half _______

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Hey guys, if you would like to enter, I am holding a drawing competition. You will have to draw my OC as a pony, Starry Meadow. (She is not a filly, it is just a small drawing). Here is what she looks like and her cutie mark. So I can see all your drawings you will have to tag the photo #starrymeadow and type 'Daisy Cook' so I know it is for me to look at just in case other people have used the same hashtag (which I doubt). I know not many will enter, maybe none, but if you see this please do. For 1st prize I will follow you and give you a shoutout. For 2nd prize I will follow you. For 3rd prize you will get a shoutout. All the entries will have to be in by the 31st of May. Keep up with my posts to see if you win... thanks guys, bye! -3-
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So I'm new here, can I hold an art competition?

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Joel Pommerata/ artplatform STADIA

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Image: "Shepherds", 2017, oil on canvas, 25" x 25", by Mohan Naik, at Dona Sylvia Beach Resort, Goa. © Mohan Naik.
#mohannaik #DonaSylviaExhibition #goaartexhibitions2017 #swetlanacardoso

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