Hi, I am using EXT js, Sencha touch for my application. I am using a "scrollable:vertical" property in my EXT js app for my panel which has a data view attached to it. Now, when i scroll in desktop its working fine, but when i try to scroll in an iPad, it works fine till i over scroll it(or bounce scroll or elastic scroll). When i over scroll, the app screen flickers while it gets back to position. I cannot understand the reason for this flicker. Can you help?

Hello, Am upgrading sencha ExtJs4.2(MVC) to ExtJs6.5(MVC) web application. Can anyone of you share what are all the deprecated functions/methods and (syntax changes ,Common migation guidelines/useful links). Also , can you share your real time challenges that you faced? while upgrading.Thanks

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Integrating Angular App in an existing Ext JS App #Angular #ExtJS #App

When an application is already in use and the significant effort has already been put in to be where it is, then redoing them again in any other framework becomes a big deal. However, many times the business see a need for either replacing the existing framework with something else or just doing additional work in the new framework/technology.

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Nested Grid in Ext JS 6.2.0
#NestedGrid #Grid #ExtJS

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Steps to Test Ext JS 6 Apps Developed with SenchaCmd


SenchaCmd Apps are gaining much popularity among Ext JS development specialist. More Ext JS applications are being written with SenchaCmd libraries, generated with SenchaCmd (ExtJS and Sencha Touch). This combination is indeed proving to be very useful for web application development.

#ExtJSDevelopmentSpecialist #SenchaCmdApps #ExtJSapps

I am a developer at a company that has been using Ext JS in our product for years. Our product started out as an ASP.NET Web Forms application and eventually we added UI widgets (such as trees and grids) from Ext JS 2. A few years ago we upgraded from Ext JS 2 to Ext JS 3 and redeveloped one module as an Ext JS 4 MVC application, but we did not use Sencha Cmd.

Now we want to redevelop another module as an Ext JS 6 MVVM application and wish to use Sencha Cmd (so we can use SASS, packages, and JavaScript code compaction/minification), but there seems to be a lack of resources on the Internet for doing this within the context of an application that is developed using Visual Studio and still based on ASP.NET Web Forms. Issues that we are struggling with are:
* Ensuring that the JavaScript debugger in Visual Studio continues to work while we are in development mode.
* The need to be running sencha app watch or sencha app build constantly.
* Embedding the bootstrap code in an ASP.NET Web Forms page that exists outside of the Sencha application folder.

There is an assumption that somebody somewhere must have struggled with this already and put something up online but I can’t find it.

Can anyone point me to some resources that might help with this?

Is this something that the Sencha Visual Studio plugin (which we currently do not have a license to use) will help with?

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#Drupal and #AngularJS: Playing Well Together for Effective Web App Development

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