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If anyone is caught breaking the rules you will be banned for as long as need be. Yes you can be whatever specie you want just don't be OP.

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Name jess the wolf
Age 18
Gender female

Hey I am now here fyi if y'all want to start a thing like this but for the mortal instruments I am in my character is named Samantha lightwood so if we do that I am jaces gf

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Name: Amber Mode
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Faction: Dauntless
Family: Mom, Dad, and Sister
Bio: Lives with cancer but fights for survival. She is strong, independent, and kind. Her sister moved to abnegation and her mother is very sick. But she is still a fighter.
Skills: Kicks, knife throwing, and fighting.
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Name: Apollonius Augustus
Age: 49
Sex: Male
Size: 6 foot 2 inches
Weight: 222lbs
Faction: Dauntless
Species: Hellfire Dragon
Likes: Fire, Lava, Volcanoes, & Meteors
Dislikes: Water, Oceans, Ponds, Rivers, Swamps, Lakes & River Banks Sexuality: Straight
Weapons: Sword & Finger Claws
Bio: Unknown
Humanoid Appearance: (Picture Below
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((I'm new to divergent so yay))
Name: Wendy
Fraction: dauntless
Species: werewolf (only shown when angry but her eyes are yellow)
Age: 18
Skills: ???

what are the rules and the factions?

Please make sure this community is active

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Name:Electric Rose
Age:18 (human age) 999666999 (vampire and demon age)

Specie:half vampire,half demon
Powers:soaks up any other creatures powers can fight good
Weapons: two katannas,two pirate style pistols,two normal pistols with bullets,desert eagle gun with bullets,brass knuckle knife,small curved sword.

Faction test:Dauntless,Eruidite,
Faction choice:Dauntless

Bio:Megan was an outcast in the demon world because of her vampire so she fled to the human world and became a Divergent she guards that secret with her life and prefers to be a lone only sometimes accepting company.The word fighter is tattooed in her right wrist because she has had to fight for her self ever since she could remember
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