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Look at the different categories! And posted accordingly, please! It makes things so much easier!~

-Mayor Nikki

| Ask Animobis Residents! |

Ask them, I say! Anything! (List of residents are in description.)

| Chitter Chatter, What's the Matter? |

Chill, max and relax for a bit. Have a cup of coffee. Make new friends. We all can talk here. ^^

| Character Review! |

This is purely based off of my opinion on who comes to my town. I scale them based on

Looks (I know that's a bad thing to judge by, shush!)
Often Say
And basic personally traits.

It's just my nit-picky opinion and we may not agree on who we like. But it's just a fun little thing. ^^

| Roleplay! |

Exactly as it sounds. Roleplay with me, friends! //Joyemote

| Buddy Town! |

Post about your town and tell us about it! Animobis can use a few ally towns!

| Animobis! |

This category is just for randomness pertaining to my little town on the (obvious) game. Whether it be just be talking about recent events or making something completely innocent a resident said into something vial and dirty. (Which is most definitely my thing. //mischiefemote) Or just anything I feel like talking about regarding Animobis itself. Maybe random pictures. I'm not sure yet.

| Tales of Animobis! |

Fanfiction. Pure fanfiction is all this category is. Silly short stories of the lives of Animobis residents. It can be from a scale to a love connection to a brawl between two characters. I will take requests for stories if you see the characters doing something together.

Mind you, I do get down to the..Erm..nitty-gritty of naughty things but sadly I won't post them on here. I will pick where I wish to post them because I can guarantee that those probably will be written. Most likely on Wattpad. (I'll share my account later~)

But I will post normal little skits on here for everyone to see how I see my small, handheld world.

| Character Fan Art! |

The character fan art category is exactly as it sounds! I draw my favorite lil' residents that are in my town! I'll sometimes even draw one's that are no longer in my town, because the memory of them still lingers with me.

But wait! ...You can also post your own character fan arts! And you can even put OCS if you'd like! I'd love to see them as well.

Show meh the lovely arts!

Disclaimer | I do not own any of the characters in Animal Crossing. These are just animals that are in a great game that I love and have bonded with, and decided to make a blog about. Yes I will write stories, ship non-canon (or non-related ships that are in the game. Which means I will probably have couples together you won't like which is apart if my own canon and stories.) And I also don't own any of you lovelies OCS if you post them, or any of your artwork. I won't claim them to be mine.

| Ask Mayor! |

You can ask me stuff as well! //flourishemote Surprise!
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