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First,I wanna say a few things before we get to the theory.
We all have questions about FNAF,correct?Scott Cawthon created this...amazing story.But in the games known as "Five Nights At Freddy's",he left off little crumbs for theorists to establish.That is why,I made this community for theories on FNAF(Five Nights At Freddy's)thank you,Scott and his crew for this amazing horror game you brought to us.When I first saw this,I had a feeling that I would love this game.But,I had another feeling that I felt deep inside...and it was fear.
The Afton Family Prt.1
We know that William Afton(Purple/Pink Guy)is now Springtrap.The Crying Child(Unknown Name)is now the Puppet.His daughter(Baby) has been pulled into Circus Baby's Suit by the Claw.The brother(Michael Afton)is now Ennard while being scooped and Ennard went into Michael's body but eventually couldn't handle his body and...came out.But...there is only one family member we forgot...The Mother!She has been unknown for quite a while!But I'm just here to tell you who I think she is now...Ballora from Sister Location.She does have a few clues that she is the mother.Does anyone know the lyrics to her tune she sings?Well,if not,let me tell you.

Why do you hide inside your walls/When there's music in my halls?/All I see is am empty room/No more joy,an empty tomb/It's so good to sing all day/To dance,to spin,to fly away.

A little creepy,huh?Well,did you know that Baby's death was actually before The Crying Child's death?When she said that "All I see in an empty tomb,no more joy an empty tomb..." it was talking about how she felt when her daughter died.And it reminded her of a grave,it was empty,quiet,and Baby's joy was no longer there.A little sad if you ask me.Well,I can say that Ballora does have features of a mother.What do you think?This is only Part 2 everyone!Thanks for reading this,and until next time,my friends
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Hello,everyone.I am here to inform you all that,I am doing another FNAF Theory.It'll be ready in a few,okay?Have a good evening.

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What should I do a theory on?
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The Bite of 83 and 87
The Missing Children
I'll tell you in comments

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The Timeline Of Five Nights At Freddy's
So here is the theory that you were probably waiting for.Now,let us begin!The FNAF Story is very interesting and amazing.And you would think so too!Note:This will be just some events that happened and when some pizzerias and some things happened and it will show the year.
Fredbear's Diner opens 1983
Children Get Murdered 1983
FNAF 4 1983
Children Get Murdered 1983
Crying Child Gets Bit 1983
Circus Baby's Pizza World Opens 1984
Girl Gets Crushed 1984
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Opens 1987
5 Children Reported Missing 1987
2 Children Reported Missing 1987
Suspect Is Found 1984
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Closes At The End Of 1984
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Grand Re-opening 1987
SAVE THEM/Animatronics get Destroyed 1987
Fazbear's Fright Opens 2017
Fazbear's Fright Burns 2017
Well I hope you enjoyed today's theory!Thanks for reading and until next time,my friends


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Thx for invite +Cosmos Demon‚Äč

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What are the Nightmares?
In Fredbear's Diner,we all know that the Crying child is scared of the animatronics.And the Spring Animatronics such as Spring Bonnie(Purple Bunny),Spring Freddy,Spring Chica,Spring Foxy,Fredbear,and Spring Bonnie(Golden bunny).And the Crying child was having a nightmare of the animatronics,that's why the animatronics are called "the Nightmares".And then in the 8-bit version where you play as the Crying child,you talk to these children in your neighborhood.The girl who says that they hide your body and leave you to die then they won't tell anyone.She is one of the reasons why the Crying child is having nightmares.And the kid who had Plushtrap.(That's where the "Fun With Plushtrap" minigame comes from!)So there you have it.That is simply what the Nightmares are.Until next time,my friends!

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The story of William Afton AKA Purple Guy
As we all know,Purple Guy is a CHILD SERIAL KILLER!His name was William Afton and had a family,he used to have one.Now you are probably thinking what happened to his family,right?Well,his daughter Baby was pulled into Circus Baby's suit by a claw,The Crying Child killed by the Bite of 83,the big brother or Michael Afton is now Ennard.And so his family is now a whole entire animatronic family!And we all know the incident that happened with the Spring Lock failure in FNAF 2.William Afton worked with a man named Henry and they were both working together in Fazbear's Entertainment.In 1983,Afton loosened up Spring Bonnie's spring locks and dressed as him to lead children to the back and brutally murder them.So if there is anything else you want to know about Afton,please do so in the comments.

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Who is Springtrap?
As for right now you should know who Springtrap is.You know the horrible event that happened 30 years ago,when there was a Spring Lock failure,and then the animatronic was moved to the Horror Attraction Fazbear's Fright.And you also know what he looks like:golden green,rabbit,missing an ear,lots of holes
Facts about the Mysterious Animatronic
1. Springtrap is the only animatronic with 5 fingers.Meaning what?He could hold a knife.He was used to kill.
2.Purple Guy is in Springtrap.So what does this mean?Purple Guy was a serial child killer since the original suit (that he hid in)was really old (like back in 1983)he used the suit to kill children.But how?He loosened the Spring locks!

Well,my friends,this is only Part 1.Until next time...
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