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Character Sheet

Hair color and style:
Eye Color:
Body Type:
Other important descriptions:

Magic Most proficient in:
Other Important Magical info:

Backstory and Other Relevant Information:

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Name: Dusk Jones
Age: 15
Year: 4th
House: Gryffindor
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Hair color and style: she's a natural red head, and she always has it down with some kind of hat on, or in a messy bun.
Eye Color: sapphire blue
Height: 5'8
Weight: 136
Body Type: muscular but curvy
Other important descriptions: she has a few scars in various places from roughhousing with her brothers at home

Magic Most proficient in: Transfiguration
Pet(s): her owl, and her little (not really) Savannah monitor lizard
wand: 12in, apple wood, dragon heartstring, unyielding.
Patronus: Dragon
Other Important Magical info:
She is an animagus. Her animal form is a large white timber wolf.

Backstory and Other Relevant Information:

Her great grandmother was a witch, but She was born from a muggle family , she's the youngest of her family, and the only witch, and she has five brothers, and they've always supported her in all of her choices, and they were delighted when she got a letter from hogwarts.

I'll probably edit in the morning, I'm tired.
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+Holly Dragneel

(wanna continue?)

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(Open +Austin Drakkirion​)
Emily was sitting in the courtyard book in hand. She had finished her classes for the day She noticed you walking by and waved

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Name: Emily Skydale
Age: 16
Year: 5th
House: Hufflepuff
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Hair color and style: Blue, it's medium length and she wears it in a number of ways usually down though.
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'2
Weight: 150
Body Type: umm idunno the regular kind
Other important descriptions: she wears a locket always given to her by her mother

Magic Most proficient in: magical wildlife and plants
Pet(s): A cat that follows her almost always
wand: 7in unicorn hair
Patronus: humming bird
Other Important Magical info: She sings with the Hogwarts choir and enjoys other events at the school

Backstory and Other Relevant Information: Emily comes from a muggle born family. Her sister had magic as well. Her sister was much older then her and had already graduated by the time Emily received her letter. Although Emily had been normal most of her life Hogwarts surprised her. Not long after she started going her mother and father fell I'll and died. Her mother leaving her only a single locket with a picture of her inside. She know lives with her sister and attends Hogwarts. She lively and always willing to help those in need and cheer them up
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Id like to once again encourage yall to make characters, so we can let the fun begin! ^.^

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it is the beginning of Austin's Seventh year at Hogwarts. He's just gotten onto the train and is walking up and down the cars looking for somewhere to sit.

His briefcase shakes a bit and he grins, patting it with a shhhh

(open to anyone)
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Hey everybody, im sorry about all that, I really didnt want to ban her, but she wasn't being reasonable, and was flat out being disrespectful... hopefully it wont happen again, again im really sorry.

Name: Cassandra Thuesen
Age: 17
Year: 7
House: Ravenclaw
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Hair color and style: Brown hair in a pixie cut
Eye Color: green/blueish
Height: 5'5''
Weight: 119 LBs
Body Type: Curvy, not the skinniest girl
Other important descriptions: None

Magic Most proficient in:
Pet(s): a barn owl
wand: Hawthorn wood with a Unicorn hair core 10 ¾" and Reasonably Supple flexibility
Patronus: A rabbit
Other Important Magical info: Wants to join the Ravenclaw quidditch team as a keeper

Backstory and Other Relevant Information: None

Y'all feel free to make roleplay posts.....
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