How do I set up remote operation?

A few suggestions...

1. Disco functionality, listen to audio, sync lights to beats.
2. Widgets have brightness sliders

I use another app for 1. But since your app is the best one for hue, including that functionality would be amazing.

Number two would just change my life. I love that I can control the lights off and on, but a brightness slider from a home screen would take it to another level.

I can't get this app to remotely connect to my Hue lights when I'm not connected to my WiFi network.  Can anyone explain how to make this happen?

Hi there! I'm planning a home setup including Philips Hue. Does your app support other devices though, notably remote power outlet switches from, e.g., Insteon, Belkin WeMo, Thomson..?

(I read this was planned for version 3.0, now released, but found no details.)

Thanks for the great work on this app, it's amazing!

I have one request:
- would you be willing to make a 2x1 widget based on the LampShade Small Groups?

I only have 1 group of lights and there's no way to resize the widget vertically to be any smaller. As a result, the current widget takes up unnecessary space.

Now that LampShade is open source, the software developers here should help me add more features!
If there is interest, I can do a Hangouts/live chat to introduce people to the codebase.

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Two major announcements:
LampShade 3.0 is now slowly rolling out to all users.
LampShade is now open source!

LampShade 3.0 adds:
- Completely rewritten & tested Alarms feature. Significantly more reliable than before.
- Material Design themed UI update
- Many bug fixes

3.0 Goals that were not finished:
- Wear app. Still working on it for 3.1

LampShade is now open source! Anyone can now contribute code to LampShade or create their own modified version. Developers wanted!

This app has a wonderful interface. It's buggy as hell though. I can't figure out how to get other moods without building them myself and I've not gotten any response for my request for help with that. That's unfortunate. Because, ultimately, if the bugs constantly make things act incorrectly, it therefore does not work. I'll have to find something else. 

Thanks for your ongoing work on the app, particularly the Tasker support which has been a great help.

One thing I'd like to do is use hue with coloured temporary notifications like the notification light on my phone. So if a text comes in the bulb would flash green then revert to the previous state, if an email comes in it would flash blue then revert to the previous state.

At the moment there doesn't seem to be a way to take a snapshot of the current state of a bulb so that you can return to it at the end of a Tasker task. The only options are flashing off then on, or a permanent state change. Is this something that support can be added for, or is there an API limitation?

Can someone help me figure out how to download moods to my app? Every time I point my phone's browser to the link for the mood, it tries to get me to download the app from the app store. I click on the link and it takes me to the play store and says the app is installed. I like LampShade the best of all the apps, but I'm very bored with the installed moods and I'm not patient enough to design 30 different moods I might want to use. 
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