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??? Can anyone tell me what this is?

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Something Divergent.
today I just wanted to try something different for HelloSpoon.
I always wanted to create or at least try to create a visual language for a robot. Well, here's my 2 hours attempt named HelloCode.
It's so simple that actually looks like a little videogame, you grab the cookie inside HelloSpoon mouth, click the button to download it to real HelloSpoon robot, and that's it :-)!
It could be useful to motivate young future robot programmers.

Of course, is not a proper block language right now but this is a good start. Do you like it? Do you think it has potential? 
Share it, or leave a comment :-)!

Reading the book. Amazing.

Hey, guys!

Can I get a list of who wants to be in the Divergent Hangout? Put your name in the comments.



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This is a link to download the movie Divergent!!! ( The ads may not be the best, just to let you know.)

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