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Help me out peeps!!! Go watch this ww2 clip

Why did I accept this and who sent 5is to me?

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Everyone go watch this SUPER KILL!!!! And share!!!!

Thumbnail Tips For Those Without Money:

Three Things are essential to make a viable thumbnail:
-A Good Background
-A Decent Eye Catcher
-Text That Pops Out and Catches The Viewer's Attention

And Now 3 URLs that will benefit you in making thumbnails free and easy;

> > >

Alongside Images Found via Google Images or Stuff you Draw on your own, these 3 sources not only make great free tools for icons, banners, and thumbnails....but also because very reliable to most as they progress as a creator, but a big note here is EVERY CREATOR HAS TO HAVE A PERSONAL TOUCH. you might not know what kind of style in thumbnail you wanna have, but thats where experimentation comes into play, mess around with it and figure out what looks good in the eyes of the viewers. and for those that need the info on stat:

Thumbnails are 1280x720, banners are 2560x1440, and icons are 800x800.
Enjoy Creating a M-M-M-Masssstapiece!


Lots of people

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This is satisfying


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