If I think to myself...I have to equate normality with unreality..the mind is too powerful..if I question too much...and think too deeply, imagination takes over, rendering the initial prompt useless...for example, the other day, I began with:....what is it to be alive?...and ended up on Blarney Blitzshits...to me, it seemed to sprout from nowhere but I've never before heard this phrase...ever...where could it have come from?...particularly with such a prosaic question..I would love to hear your comments... Thank you for listening...

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Here's a thought .... Our Universe was created 15 Billion years ago (13.77 Billion according to Google)  ... the earth and sun were created 4.5 Billion years ago. Ardipithicus lived 4 million years ago ...  Human DNA arises 200,000 years ago, Adam was formed 5773 years ago. There is no problem between the timelines of Science and Be'reshit (Genesis) Humans were formed Twice in Be'reshith. Once by ELohim on the 6th day (Gen 1:27) and again by YHVH on the 8th day (Gen 2:7)   - If by "Human" we mean Human DNA then the 6th Day occured 200,000 years ago.  That means the 1st 5 days of Creation were 3 Billion years each...... http://www.chabad.org/library/bible_cdo/showrashi/false/aid/8165/jewish/Chapter-1.htm

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