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Welcome in the community of Rachet & Clank
I will be in charge to approve your profiles
What i aspect from you people is that if your a lid you make a profile and roleplay.
If u don't the community will die.
So if u are all kind to Make a Profile and start..
The communtiy will stay, i will aprove your profile as soon i can.
Have fun´╗┐

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Name : Kerkyria
Species: Lombax
Villain/Hero : still unknown
Companion : a small mister Zurkon that she hacked and made it her friend.
Planet : Torren IV
Gender : female
Age : 17
Personality: not so actually happy...seems more like her heart is made out of something happened and never been warm up again.
Never talks and just rarely...when she does feel to talk.. always alone...never got so close to others and just work on stuff. She can be cold hearted on the outside...but she is really soft and Kind..but need a lot of work to let that outside
Bio: Kerkyria born on another planet...covered always by snow and just had a few days of sun.. The life on it was always fine and happy..all were always at their job. Her parents were one lombax all white that was her Mother...The Black one was her father...No one ever seen a Lombax like seemed to be rare. Kerkyria always enjoyed playing with the others , she was always happy....until one day. At The age of about 10 , Lord Vorselon attacked her planet...and her Village , destroying everything...she got Saved by getting into a small ship that her parents launched...the planet got destroyed right when she got out of the atmosphere and into space. Her ship landed on Torren IV , where she got raised by vullards. She lost her arm while fighting against one of the wild robots on the terrain of Torren IV... Vullards made her a new arm made out of a special metal that can Take high temperatures and absorb lot of hits. She is currently living in the giant head of the robot that faces on the whole Land.

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Name: Explody

Species: Elf


Who is your enemy: All the people my master hates.


Planet: Novalis



Personality: mean, carefol, sneeky

Bio:i was first good but her parends dead and she came evil evryone thinks dat she killt her parends but no. The where kilt by fire when a bom hit there home evrythin went in flames. She was first sad but than she meth dr novarious he sad " wel hallo there i know wat hapend the people of this place bomt the house of your parends to kill you.Join us child". Im now nobal to my master and my victem is Qwark,Rachet and clank.

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Name: Yune

Species: Lombax

Villain/Hero: Hero

Who is your enemy: none

Companion: none

Planet: Quantos

Gender: Female

Age: around (same as rachet)

Personality:Kind,caring, asome, fighter, enz

Bio:We all know it to well...Lombaxes disappeared long ago i was found on the planet Quantos what became my home...The woman who cared about me disappeared one day to never return..Everyone that lived there was gone, i was the only one there no ship ever past by i stop losing hope as it was such a long time ago sins i was with people..I was only 5 when everyone disappeared, how dit i survive easy...Store up food and stay inside but the food was already up and i had nothing to live on...So i went outside waiting for someone to get me out of here...

Over: ...

(I only draw the last one the rest is internet found
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