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for people who love kingdom hearts, and drawing!!!

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Naruto Manga Chapter 678=Kayuya Ain't S*it:

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Naruto Manga Chapter 674=Aye Kakashi Run That Lef…:

page 3

"I'm okay king Mickey" I yelled back looking away from Arden for a few seconds. When I looked back she was gone. As I about to look for Arden, king Mickey spotted me there and ran to me. "Ookami we need you now a gang of heartless are attacking the world!" As looked at the king Mickey, then at my keyblade. "Let's go . How fare away are we from the attack" I said looking around for Sora. "It's about a hour away" as the king was talking, I summoned my glider. "King, we can use my glider it's not called Quick silver for nothing." As we got on Quick silver we were attacked by dream eaters on our way to Sora. "They're fast but I'm faster." I turned around. During the fight I spotted Arden, she was weakening the dream eaters. "What's that nobody doing?" The king asked. I smiled and turned around. " It's a friend helping us so we better go help Sora." We sped up to Sora's location. Sora was out numbered with his back to the wall. When Sora was about to give up. "Hey Sora what are you doing it not fare to have all of the fun." I said jumping off of my glider and destroying the heartless attacking Sora.

"It's about time. It's better to be late then never coming at all." Sora said smiling. It's was a long battle. When the battle was over we were tried and out of energy. "That battle was hard. And that weather on that mountain was crazy I don't know how long we would lass." I said falling to my knees. And out the corner of my eye saw Eddy putting down a small box, then he disappeared . I walked to the box a note was open it.

[ The letter] this world is one of many and that the heartless, dream eaters and Nobodies are on. You have to destroy their headquarters and to help you fight them Arden will help you. In the box is a keyblade chain and keyblade armour call blue flare. It's power is unknown to Sora. Your time on this world is over for now. [The letter ends]

I open the box. Taking out a ring and charm. I summoned my keyblade and put the charm next to it. They started to glow then in a flash of light. My Keyblade changed shape. "Wow this is new." I said putting the ring on. "What's going on her. Cool you've change you keyblade' s shape." Sora said looking over my shoulder. "I didn't know that they can do this. It's pretty cool. Hey Sora." I said getting up. "Yeah?" Sora said clue less

page two

As I walked outside Bell told me that she hoped that I'll find what I'm looking for. "Thank you Bell and thank beast for me to." As I got onto my glider, I started to wander between world's. I spotted a gang of Heartless, Dream eaters and Nobodies heading to the new world. "This is weird I'm going to check it out" when I landed on the world I was attacked from behind but I block the attack with my quick step ability. "What are you a Heartless Dream eater or Nobody?" As I summoned my keyblade getting ready to fight. "Stop it you two. Sora don't hurt him" King Mickey said walking out of the shadows. "Ookami this is Sora he's the kingdom key whelder. Sora this is Ookami he's the internal claw whelder." We look at each other for a few minutes then we smiled at each other. "It's nice to meet you Ookami. You saw the Dream eaters, Heartless and Nobodies." Sora said . "Yeah I saw them on my glider. It's going to be a war on this world." That night I as we set up camp I walked off away from the camp I spotted the shadowy man 4 nobodies attacked me.

As the man got closer to me 3 weird nobodies destroyed the other nobodies. "Who are you guys? " I said looking at all of them and getting ready to fight. "No we don't want to fight with you the nobodies that destroyed the other nobodies are with me." The man said walking into the the light. "Then tell me who you any way?" As I saw his face I saw the he was the in the pictures I found. As I dropped the keyblade. "I'm Mr. E or better say that I'm your younger brother Eddy." He picks up my keyblade and hand it to me. "And the nobodies around us are your friends. We can't stay long your friends will be watching you. You still have to find the letters" I looked at him. "You look like a 21 year old man. How are you my little brother??? He looked into my eyes. I looked at him and I started to remember him. "How did you grow up so fast?" I ask confused. He smiled "I'll tell you later good bye for now." They walked back into the bamboo forests. As the did I started to cry. But one of them walked back me in her true form. "I'm staying with you Ookami" As she hugged me I felt at peace and I stopped crying. "I'm Arben Jones we were boyfriend and girlfriend." She said blushing. As I looked at her for a few seconds and I was about to hug her. "Hey Ookami where are you?" I started to hear the king's voice. 

Hi I'm new here I hope you like my writings

you have to read this to understand my story
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: human
Persona: nice, smart, caring, sometimes cocky and smug
Alignment: light
Appearance: black hair, tan skin, and red eyes
Keyblade: infernal claw
Keyblade glider: Quick silver it's speed is unmatched. Also known as silver bullet it's speed helps my speed attacks
Keyblade amour: blue flare, it increases my attack and magic powers, but my defines goes down
Limit Break: a mode called burning wolf claw it's when I turn a burning red and my attack and speed goes up but I can't use my abilities.
Abilities: quick step [speed boos] when I get low on health is low I start to speed up, lock on, and burning spirit when ever I get hit with fire and lighting magic I grow a stronger attack on defenes
Battle Style: fast attacks and strong defines
Weaknesses: my hunger, and I'm a hot head
Race: human
Bio: I don't know what happened to me but I was found at the king Mickey' s front door with my keyblade next to me. When I was 12, I was being trained by the king Mickey to use my keyblade and to use fire, and lightning magic. When I was 16 I mastered my magic powers. Then I was sent to find an destroy Heartless, Nobodies and Dream eater. "It's been two years I've been destroying heartless and Nobodies." On my 19th birthday I was on my own, away from the the castle I was found at. "It's been 6months, I been looking for any clue of my pass hopeing." Then I found a few pictures and letters for me. Nothing else. "It's been 12days scene I found the letters and pictures. I don't know who's in them with me, I'm going to find out no matter what"

page one

It's two months scene I left king Mickey's castle. And I'm lost in a ocean of questions. The box I found outside of beast's castle, give me a look into my past I saw pictures of myself and I believe my friends and family. In the box with the pictures were letter to me

[the letter] if you found this box Ookami you survive the destruction of your world, you're a rare form of keyblade wheeler. You can many powers there's another person with your powers. You'll meet him, his name is Sora. He doesn't know about you. The two of you are on different paths they will connect but only for a while. Your path has will help you find yourself. My name is Mr. E. I can't tell your past now. Time isn't with me now I sent you letters to help you, you have to find 10 of them. I can't tell you where they are. [The letter ends]

When I got done reading the letter 4 nobodies appears and attack me, as I destroyed the nobodies I spotted a shadowy man watching me.. "Hey you" I yelled at the shadowy man and he started to run away from me. As I started to run after him I was attacked by 2 more nobodies. When the fight was over the man was gone. At that point I started to look at the pictures that was inside the box. As I called my keyblade glider, beast came running to with a item in his hand. "Ookami thank you for adding me on with the nobody attacks here it's a bell ring I had it hidden I my castle I don't know what it does but it has your name on the inside of it" as I take and post on the ring on my finger I was taking into a small bed room [the first vision of my pass] I looked around the room and I saw myself walking into the room. "Record. I'm don't know what happened to me today, I started to see things like my friends turning into monsters." The day fast forward to 2o'clock pm. I run in with my keyblade in hand. [The vision fades away]

"Ookami are you okay?" Beast starts to shack to me as I snapped out of the vision I found myself laying down I Bell's room. "How did I get here?" Bell and beast were sleeping in chairs next to the bed I was in. "Ookami are you okay? Beast told me you blacked out. I was worry you were hard." Bell said getting up from her chair. "I'm okay Bell I needed to rest I'm sorry to make you worry"

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