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[//Summary: he don't even know anymore


[//Name: death the kid

[//Origin: the bullshit that I made up

[//Gender: male

[//Age: 13


[//Power & Abilities: can turn people t ash with one touch, also take all there energy with a touch, unknown after that that's really all he uses

[//Attack Potency: what?


[//Lifting Strength: weak af but when shit get real he strong af

[//Striking Strength: unknown

[//Durability: can survive being nuked

[//Stamina: unknown

[//Intelligence: average but he can seem stupid most of the time

[//Weaknesses: his perverted ness, attention spand is bad af,

[//Notable Attacks / Techniques: none

[//Notable Victories: welp..... none

[//Notable Losses: every fight he has been in

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Okami was a little girl when she was able to turn in a wolf buy that made it so she couldn't hide her ears or tail. At that time she lived in a group called EnderFang which put anyone of any gender in the "army" at the age of 15 and Okami didn't want to be in the army partly because she's to lazy 030 so she decided to go somewhere else and ended up where she is now.
I don't know :0
Skye Miyu, preferred to be called Okami :)
She comes from EnderFang, it's a forest in japane, she doesn't know which forest though :0
I'm just a human who can turn into a wolf
[//Power & Abilities
Okami Duo wields katanas and is practicing the bow.

Icy Stab: I turn my katana into ice and start stabing u. it makes my katana fragile but it's sharper and lighter making it easier for movement speed

Shooting star: Okami is still mastering this but Shooting star shoots out Sparks of fire into the air and they start coming back down all around the enemy some hitting them and some exploding on the ground. This move can hurt Okami if she's to close

Her last move for now is
Blue Fire: This takes up alot of her energy and time to make it, of course it's hotter then regular fire so it's harder to use making it hurt more but she rarely uses this move.
[//Attack Potency
Searches what Potency means on google :3
Okami can destroy a building like a sky scraper but nothing like a ball of steel
Since she's part wolf she goes pretty quick so she can keep up with most ppl.
[//Lifting Strength
She's not very strong in general bit she can pick up small things like Trash cans, or detergent. but nothing like Trees or houses.
[//Striking Strength
If you hurt someone she cares about she can at least give u bruises that we'll hurt :).
Okami usually Heals herself if her wounds r to big but in general she can take alot of hits
Her Stamina is amazing. Until she's lazy at least. But she can go pretty far without being tired or anything like that!
I would say Okami is pretty smart, she's not the smartest out of smart though but she's senceable
food, Fire because of fur and thunder
[//Notable Attacks / Techniques
TECHNIQUE I would say shooting star
[//Notable Victories
none :')
[//Notable Losses
none :'))
[//Inconclusive Matches
NONE :'))))))
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Oh my-

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Remastered and time skip for 3 years.

Role: Well since he isn't in any show nor comic or arc so he doesn't have a role at the moment.

Full Name: My name is Koestu usagi nice to meet you what's your name?

Name at birth: Well his name at birth was the name he has now.

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Well people refer to him a Koestu rather then his full name.

Title(s): Well no one really address him by this but he addresses himself as Gravity man because of his unusual talents.

Preferred name: Well this is were his aliases but if you need a reminder his preferred name is Koestu.

Age/Date of Birth: Well since it was a three year timeskip so he would be at least 28 but previously he would be 25.

Sex: Did you assume my gender?! Joking I'm a male.

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity :
Well koestu is straight


Koestu is a Hispanic/American Since his father is part American and his mother is Hispanic so it was natural he would be come from both sides.

Skin Tone:
Koestu isn't pale but people say he does look pale truth be told. He has light brown skin tone.

Height: Koestu is at least 6 ft.

Weight: Koestu really isn't fat so he would be light So he would be at least at 95 pounds max.

Build: Koestu has a slender type if body but like most superhumans and other species he has a immense strength don't judge a book by its cover.


Koestu eyes are pitch black but he can change how eyes from black to red the reason is unknown on why he can do it.

Koestu has black hair but he can dye it anyway the texture on his hair is very smooth like a pillow. His hair also smells like apples. It is naturally how it smells like it.

Clothes Style:
_Koestu doesn't really have a style or fashion trends he usually just makes his clothes or buys them from local stores. _

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.:
Koestu doesn't have any scars or marks as the scars natural heal.

Picture is below

Koestu has a religion but he really doesn't show it he is christian and he believes in god.

Political Affiliation:
Koestu hasn't really been political parties or in politics since he really doesn't do that stuff

Koestu went to a un named school aceing all grades in the school and in highschool he also went to a un named college and graduated from there to.

Languages spoken:

Koestu usually speaks English since most people speak English but koestu secondary language is one of those well known languages called Spanish.

Weapons (if any):
Hakur:Named after Joshua caster planet Hakur can manipulate all senses upon sight. This sword is inspired by aizens sword but it does have a couple weaknesses. One of the weaknesses is that it doesn't affect people that can't see and the other one is it doesn't affect people that cannot hear

He also has a high tech scabbar

Koestu has also has a yellow power ring he got it by participating in a free for all he then killed Tsuna and he got this as one of his prizes.

"Yellow Power Ring" on @Wikia: "When the Guardians of the Universe discovered that Sinestro, the Green Lantern of Sector 1417..."

Occupation(s): Koestu works as a Scientist/Inventor

Past Occupation(s):

Koestu doesn't really gave a past occupation but school if you consider it as a occupation

Special Abilities/Skills:

Most of his powers were erased in the past so here it is

He is intermediate level in magic but he is a threat

This is what also makes him a threat as he can manipulate all gravity in any timeline or reality this ability is called Meta gravity manipulation here is a link.

"Meta Gravity Manipulation" on @Wikia: "The power to have absolute control over gravity. Ultimate form of Gravity Manipulation. User has..."

He gained it by powering up his gravity Manipulation and augmenting it

Koestu still has superior adaption from joshua gaining reactive adaption then augmenting it.

He also gained Meta teleportation as he is able to teleport almost instantly here is the link. He gained it by wishing it from a spirit.

"Superior Adaptation" on @Wikia: "The ability to adapt to anything and quickly evolve. Combination of Reactive Adaptation and..."

"Meta Teleportation" on @Wikia: "The ability to teleport anything to any location and time. Sub-power of Omnipresence and..."

Koestu gained the combination of Telepathy and telekinesis on a mastered level here is both links

"Telekinesis" on @Wikia: "The power to manipulate objects/matter with the mind. User can influence/manipulate/move objects..."

"Telepathy" on @Wikia: "The power to mentally receive and/or transmit information. Users of this power are often called..."

Instant mastery:Can master anything instantly

Personality:Koestu has a two sided Personality his first one he is very kind and he lights up at mostly anything it as like he wants to become friends

His "Opposite" Personality he is rather cold and mean it would sound like he hates everyone and wants to destroy the world


Koestu doesn't have any activities or organizations at the moment


Koestu has a hobbie of inventing and working he is always interesting in finding new things


,Koestu has interests of Inventing and learning new things also making friends.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities:

Koestu has a flaw/weaknesses He tends to use his opposite personality. He also can not go beyond speeds that are faster then light unless he has a item.

He also can be affected by time Manipulation unless it's his


Place of Birth:, He was born in new York city

Now lives: _He lives currently in new York city*

Lives with: Koestu lives with no one except his inventions and workings

Current Relationship Status:

Well koestu is single I suppose

Relationship History: Well koestu has been a relationship with sheep chan but then they broke up


Un named mother (alive)
Un named clan members (alive)
Un named father (alive)

Other Biographical Remarks:
His bio(s)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Notable wins:


Kisame hoshigaki

Notable losses:

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