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Over the course of 2 years, I had been on and off recreating my website for the prevention of bullying and hoping to drop the rate of suicide down. I completely tore the old website down and started from scratch rebuilding it. Bullying isn’t a joke, it affects many people and it can kill them.
I am glad to announce that the new website has been completed and is up and running. Here is the link if you so wish to view the website:

Remember, I am here for you. I care. You are important, I love you. Don’t ever give up. You are loved. You are enough. Stay strong.

Hello Everyone, I'm the one who created this community, who is recreating the website, who created the Tumblr page, who created the Facebook page. I'm here for every single one of you, no matter what happens. I am the person you can come and talk to, free of judgement and only gaining support, help and care.

The beauty in your lives is wonderous, but now it's buried deep inside you and needs to be brought out again. The sooner you realise your worth, the sooner everything will take a turn for the better. You can come to me about your problems and I will be here to help. I've been there where you are now, and I will not judge and will keep an open mind. 

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We are now on Tumblr and Facebook.

No matter how hard everything get, no matter how long it takes. Remember the reason you held on for so long. 
There will always be someone here for you, you're not alone. 

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Watch this video at your own risk... I cried so hard that my friends had to exit the video...

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"Tyler Clementi, age 18; Billy Lucas, age 15; Harrison Chase Brown, age 15; Cody J. Barker, age 17; Seth Walsh, age 13; Felix Sacco, age 17; Asher Brown, age 13; Caleb Nolt, age 14; Raymond Chase, age 19..."

That moment when those names are read during the song Make it Stop (September's Children) by Rise Against...😢😭
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