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Sword and shield playing at Chatech social just starting at BrewHaus. And they don't suck.

Is there a meetup tomorrow?

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At IoT conference.. these are the only guys that mention security much. So far.

January's Meeting will be held Feb 1st due to some availability issues. Topic will be OSINT.

Here is the Doodle results meeting invite.

You can download a .ics file to import to your calendar.

Post has attachment For those who are not on slack. 

Questions for n00bs to the group +Hollie Schreckenbach 

Alice and Bob walk into a bar, what is their conversation about?

DC423 March Meeting
1) DC423 Challenge Q&A to see if we can get some people a bit further along.
2) +Know Juan  WIll be presenting on Testing Mobile Applications 
3) SDR Basics from +Stephen Hilt with help from lovely assistant  +Ron Fabela 
4) Basics of Shodan API

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Hey guys! Meeting will be this THURSDAY at 6:30PM
So far we have a shodan CLI demo remote from Taiwan (if Raoul is awake)
An asciinema overview and perhaps a talk from +Know Juan
Notices will be made on Slack ( and twitter, thanks!

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