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My first catch of Par c40s

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CSX - Toledo Sub NS - Dayton District Trains with Outtakes By Millenniumforce & Jaw Tooth

Sad to announce that the Silver Lake RR is halting operations and wont be reopening this year.

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Welded Rail Train at Marion Station in Marion, Ohio.

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Pan am railways plow train from today.

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Former Glory: Mixed Bag of Amtrak

The Big E was nice, but I was keen to get some variety at a new location. Not so much for the motive power- all AMD-110's- but for the unique mix of other equipment. Springfield is in the process of much needed renovation. Work was "happening" between tracks 4 and 6 (it was Sunday, so not much work). There also seems to be a new spur on the north side of the B&A Main. I was told at the Burger King down the road (Rt. 20 next to McDonalds and the exit off 291 to Page Blvd.) That the large expanse cleared adjacent was likely to be a train station. Looks like a big warehouse to me, but further service is coming within my lifetime.

Back to the Connecticut River, and a good mix of equipment: 6 P42's (including 111, my long lost friend) mostly Amfleet I's on both Vermonters, Food Service coaches tagging on the rear. The Lake Shore had four different kinds of equipment from four different production pools: Amfleet I and II, Viewliner I and II. I got really nice shots and was able to bring out the dramatic clouds and reflective sunlight in post. I also got some interesting angles, primarily because I was avoiding the NRPC authorities (their HQ is in Springfield by the way).

What caught my eye was something new- or really an old veteran: 9651- former Metroliner 806. She has visited vast reaches of the Northeast and beyond: Michigan, Wisconsin, Delaware, Pennsylvania and the Keystone corridor, up to Vermont, and on Sunday down to New Haven. The door plate is only a few years old, but I got a nice look inside the cab anyway. I only know of two railroads with black and yellow safety stripes: Amtrak, but the veteran on the other one was bit different on Monday… see "Shadow of Giants"

Railfanning Series III: Transitional Railfanning- Coming Soon
Also, there's over 80 pictures and I'm not going to try putting them in order, so figure it out- it's a puzzle!

57 Vermonter SB (on time)
154 GE Genesis I AMD-110 P42DC
69 GE Genesis I P42DC
82731 Budd Amfleet I Coach
82686 Budd Amfleet I Coach
82690 Budd Amfleet I Coach
82696 Budd Amfleet I Coach
48154 Budd Amfleet I Food Service Coach

54 Vermonter NB (20 minute late arrival, 24 minute late departure)
187 GE Genesis I AMD-110 P42DC
111 GE Genesis I AMD-110 P42DC
82734 Budd Amfleet I Coach
82699 Budd Amfleet I Coach
82518 Budd Amfleet I Coach
82682 Budd Amfleet I Coach
43170 Budd Amfleet I Food Service Coach

449 Lake Shore Limited WB (1 minute late arrival)
166 GE Genesis I AMD-110 P42DC
61064 CAF Viewliner II Baggage Coach
62019 Morrison-Knudsen Viewliner I Sleeping Coach
48157 Budd Amfleet I Food Service Coach
25052 Budd Amfleet II Coach

465 Northeast Regional: Springfield-New Haven Shuttle (on time)
9651 Budd former Metroliner 806, modified Cab Coach
82780 Budd Amfleet I Coach
103 GE Genesis I AMD-110 P42DC
81 Photos - View album

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Newest video of all 3 pan am GP9's being used on WA-1.

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End of profitable railroads: G&W
It's been confirmed by a source (yeah, Lucas again, he's how I get all my information) that the Providence and Worcester will no longer be an independent and profitable railroad. However, it is not too late. I WILL BE STARTING A PETITION AGAINST THE G&W! I believe they are violating the Sherman anti-trust act, which prevents monopolies. The G&W is a monopoly. Monopolies are a direct threat to democracy and capitalism, that's why the U.S. Government fought them in the beginning of the 20th century. The G&W prevents small profitable railroads from growing, thus they are violating federal law (don't take my word, I'm just using my memory of the act).

They must be stopped, mainly because they cover up fallen flags with their ugly orange. The only good orange is an MoW pumpkin.
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