Java software engineer with > 10 years experience in Java and good knowledge of Wicket, becoming available in January 2017. Location: Belgium, perferably region of Antwerp or Vlaams Brabant.

Anyone using Wicket 7?

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Has there been evaluations within wicket to use different serialiser? As wicket quite heavily depends on serialisation?
Today we released a new version of the FlatBuffers cross-platform serialization library. v1.1 brings Java improvements, C# and Go support, and more.

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I was investigating session sizes in a #wicket  application the last days. The application was developed as a demo / POC where the page size did not matter. this is going to change.

I found the great articles by +Michael Mosmann  at .

One of the biggest memory usages was in a bradcrump panel (not the wicket one, something written by me). With help from the debugging serializer I saw that this panel holds a reference to each page in the history.. Which was strange, as I only store PageReferences.. 

In the end, it turned out to be the usage of a StringResourceModel to get a title of the page, and this holds a reference to page.. puuh. 

Next step: trying to optimize the menu, which currently holds about 4500 bytes.. Way to much for a component that does not need any state and can be reconstructed on every refresh ...

Hello guys,

I a wondering if there is any event that will be triggered when the user wanted to close the browser or the browser's event ?

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We have just launched Apache course
Though we made effort to cover all topic, we think there is room for
improvement. Can you experts suggest?

hi there,
i am searching for best practise to use "wicket" with "mybatis" and "guice"?

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Just went trough the changes in the upcoming Wicket 7. Quite a few good things.

My personal favorite: Authorization for resources. That alone is a reason to switch ;-)

Good work team, a big thank you from me,PageParameters)isintroducedWICKET-5012
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