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Hello everyone, hope all is well. This is Nick Fleming and I just wanted to let everyone know, if you've had previous troubles reaching us, we've had network and phone issues. We are almost 100% in that area just waiting on new phone system, please still call, I'm currently upgrading the system. Both numbers and email address's have stayed the same I hope you choose to return our call, and understand this was an 2 (week) long n very costly problem to incur, Our most valued thing is our reputation and just hope you understand.

$$$ savings for Any customer who couldn't reach us for an estimate starting, March27th thru April 11th, We would like to offer you a 15% discount off your estimate/contract if you choose our services, please take advantage of our network errors, thus saving you money)

Below, I've listed the office numbers and email addresses which you can reach us at.
We do apologize and will be checking hourly @ (407)-599-7663 but if for some reason you cannot reach us please try us @ (407)-599-7664.. If for any reason at all , please email me @ or the same
Thank you,
N Fleming.
Happy Financial Literacy Month! Throughout April, we'll be sharing $ tips.

#FinancialLitTip: Go paperless. Document your expenses digitally and toss the old grocery receipts.
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