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Any ideas on what I should make to make up with my laziness and business?
SIDE NOTE: I am not dead, just a big combination between lazy and busy.
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Why I Didn't Make Any Videos This Month
Some simple joke video
YTP that I should have been working on
Voice Impressions of Characters

Any ideas I could make. I am lazy this month.

Who wants to do another post on this somewhat dead community?

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Another commentary on a rant I saw. Credit to WuzzerBuzzFTW so on so on since I couldn't just re-share the post. It is acknowledged at the end of the post.

(WuzzerBuzzFTW's post is in italics, my commentary is not)

SjasonPlaysComedian1995 Rants: Ethan Davis (NAGASR)

Ethan Davis? More Like Etard Dicks! Oh My Fucking God, He Is Such A Big Blind Crybaby, And Here Are Reasons Why Ethan Davis Is A Big Blind Crybaby!

Horrible intro. Generic and unconvincing. Profanity doesn't help either. I understand it's a rant, but it could look more polished than this.

1. He Stalks People (Including Me +Dylan McCarthy And Death Metal Fanatic 1998​​ +Zechariah The Litten Lover 2001​​ +Zoe the Cutest Pokemon Trainer _Zoe Velasco_​​ +Plants Vs Zombies 2 FTW Roscommon School FTL​​ +ChihiroFTW LucilleFTL Summer fan 2017 STFF​​ +Carla The Torracat Fan 1997 STFF​​ +Calvin242 The Official Channel​​ +The WolverineAvenger 2004​​ +Nintendo64Fanatic1996​ +nig nogger returns​ And Etc)

Why did you have to mention so many people? You could have tagged like three or four people, tops.

2. He Keeps Complaining That He Has An Abusive Family, And Nobody Cares!

If that's true, then you and this group of "nobody" you speak of are horrible people. You can dislike this guy all you want, but not caring about this "abusive family", whether real or not, is definitely crossing the line.

3. He Keeps Crying Like An Blind Huge Crybaby

Give us an example please. That statement means nothing unless you give us proof. Snapshot him acting like a "Blind Huge Crybaby" and you're set.

4. He Acts Like 1 Year Old

Again, there's no proof, so that means nothing. Photographic proof is your best bet.

5. He Can't Handle Criticism Like A Man

For the third time, prove it. Show a comment of him not handling criticism. By the way, is it criticism or just pure idiocy you're talking about? There's a difference between ""This video seems rushed and lacks substance" and "You're an asshat dipshit kys you dumbass fag no one loves you"

6. He Thinks That We Like Him When We Do NOT.

Who's "We"? Like I said in my other commentary, does everyone in a specific group have to like or dislike someone? I'm not violating a sacred code by liking someone you don't. Not saying I like him, but I'm just saying.

7. He Claims That He Is 15 Years Old, But He Is 1 Year Old

TRANSLATION: "I'm out of reasons. Oh I know, I'll use damage control! Brilliant!"

8. He Is Manchild

You've already said that. You didn't say it like that, but you did say he can't handle criticism and how he cries like a baby. What you're missing is proof. There has been none at this point, and it's safe to say there probably won't be any later down the line.

9. He Makes Lots Of Crying Posts Like Cesar Animation (I Still Hate Him)

What the hell are you saying? He makes posts of him crying? With a crying emoticon?

10. He Is GoTard

All you're doing now is just saying shit. You didn't even put an "a" in that statement. To anyone saying it doesn't matter, here's what I have to say. If you're going to bash someone, how will I take you seriously with grammatical and spelling errors?

11. He Is Cesar Animation 2.0

Still, waiting, for, proof.

12. He Is Coward

What makes him a coward? Oh wait, never mind, he can't handle criticism. But neither of those points are valid without PROOF.

13. He Is Cringeworthy User

You still haven't explained why.

14. He Is Fatass Monkey

If you're not going to put in any effort, why should I?

Anyways, This Is Me, Signing Off.

If You Like Him, You Know The Drill, No Disrespecting My Opinion, If You Disrespect My Opinion, I'll Expose You. (To Ethan Davis Fans)

So great, you're going to expose people for disrespecting your opinion. Even though you would have bashed Ethan here for doing just that. I respect your opinion, but not this rant. Unbearable to read, and there are literally NO valid points present.

PS: Reshares Are Disabled, So Ethan Davis Fantards Will Not Be Able To Make Bad Reshares Out Of Me.


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After the 800 by the numbers list video that's completed. Which video do you think I should do next?
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Rageworthy Rants
Movie Skits
Top 30 Worst Episodes of Great Cartoons
Top 10 type of Jokes that piss me off

My question for this community what are your top 5 favorite Family Guy episodes and what are your top 5 worst Family Guy episodes?


Top 5

5: I Dream of Jesus
4: PTV
3: Road to Multiverse
2: Peter Peter Caviar Eater
1: Road to Rhode Island

Bottom 5

5: Seahorse Seashell Party
4: Fresh Heir
3: Herpe the Love Sore
2: Screams of Silence
1: Brian's a Bad Father

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