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Here is a x64 bit enable bootia32.efi that can successfully boot Baytail Z3735F X64 bit versions of linux. Credits go to the original creator

Hi guys, maybe this is wrong place to ask, but I assume that there are many people messing around T100TA for quite long time so probably you can help me.

I got BSOD and since then I was unable to boot again (every time going directly to Asus Backtracker which was unsuccessfull). Therefore I decided to make fresh install of windows, but unfortunately something get messed up during the process and now I can't reinstall the system since I can't wipe the disk (in other words I am unable to delete any partition, even when using DISKPART from installation USB, it always seems to be done successfully but after exiting and starting DISKPART again the deleted partitions are back). Since no 3rd party software help neither (well I didn't try DBAN yet, but I was unable to make it boot) I suppose that the inner drive is probably dead (maybe rather unrepairable than dead). So my question is am I right about the state of drive or is there anything that could help? And if the drive is really "dead", is there any chance to make my T100TA boot from microSD using the slot or the only option is booting from USB?

Preliminary patch set for 4.13(rc1) is posted. It boots, bluetooth behaves, wifi not so much. No other blatant problems were seen in very brief testing. YMMV, happy kernel building.

At this point, I think 4.11.8. is the best kernel at least on my CHI. I'll backport the .config updates to when I get a chance. EDIT: is posted, follow the instructions in the readme if you want sound enabled.

4.12-rc2 seems best only because wifi runs much longer (days vs 8-12 hours) before crashing... It normally takes a few maintenance releases before getting a reliable kernel. 4.12.1 was not an improvement, still testing 4.12.2.

Hi, I'm trying to install Debian/Ubuntu on the 8 GB drive in the t100ta 32 GB but I'm having serious troubles in unlocking this partition
Tried with lot of software, diskpart, and live gparted
Could someone give me a help?

anyone have a built version of 4.12 as i dont know how to build the kernel?

I have the Asus T100TA I am trying to get sound working on Ubuntu 16.04 can someone please help me with my problem

Hello People. I'm new in this Group and I would like to ask you a couple of questions. I own an asus T100TAF-BING-DK024B and I would like to know what is the current situation about installing Linux on it. In particular regarding the "Bluetooth" and the "webcam" aspects.

Hey guys,

first of all thank you for this amazing community and all the effort you guys put into it.

So here is my "problem":

I tried to install Ubuntu on my T100TA 64gb. I followed these install instructions:

Every worked smooth. SecureBoot is disabled. USB Stick inserted and i can boot from it without any problem. Also the installation works without any problems.
Here i slightly altered the partition because i want to set up a dual boot with windows. After the installation I restarted and the T100 just boots windows.

Hm? So what now?

I tried to do everything again. With the same result. On installation Ubuntu noticed that an Ubuntu is already installed but i again selected to do the partition myself. Nothing changed.

In Windows i tried to check for the Bootloader with rEFInd and EasyUEFI. They both show all the new partitions but only the windows bootloader.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi All,

For those of you would bluetooth issues on the T100CHI, try building a kernel with this patch:

That makes the keyboard dock a lot more usable for me (basically from unusable to working fine).

I noticed some of you are reporting bluetooth problems with T100TAS or T100TAF too if you are having bluetooth issues on those, try editing drivers/bluetooth/hci_bcm.c and changing:




If someone can confirm that that improves bluetooth on the TAS / TAF then I will submit a patch to the upstream kernel with that change.

4.11.7 seems pretty stable with good wifi throughput and no wifi crash (over 48 hours on T100CHI.) YMMV. I've posted the 64 bit version under unproven. 4.11 is good enough to test, but if you can wait for it, 4.12 should be worth the wait.

Update: At just over 3 days, wifi disconnected. No crash, but no connection (5 GHz) without modprobing brcmfmac. Ethernet (USB dongle) still worked... Still, huge improvement over other recent kernels.
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