Erin walks along the streets, her hands in the pockets of her dark blue sweatshirt. She bumps into someone. "Oh, sorrry." Soon after they leave, she pulls out the wallet she snatched from them and smiles. She chuckles as her white fox ears gleam ivory in the moonlight.

((Open RP because I am bored as hell))

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"Is that supposed to scare me?"

=Name= Elise Alkeav

=Code Name= Arachnid

=Age= 22

=Sexuality= Heterosexual

=Race= Human

=Personality= Elise is laid back and doesn't show her emotional and weak side.

=Abilities= She took gun training and has good enough aim. She is a skilled interrogator and she can convince people easily. She has lightning quick reflexes and she uses it to her advantage.

=Bio= She grew up with a big family, her being second youngest. Elise took an interest in the F.B.I. and applied. She got fired the second day for seeming suspicious, even though she wasn't affiliated with the enemy. N.O.I.R.E. heard about this and recruited her. She then became a field agent with the knowledge she already had. They named her Arachnid because of her way to easily crawl into someone's mind and snap them.

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Name: Kylie Shot
Code Name: Dagger
Age: 17
Race: Neko
Personality: Emotionless, Smart, 
Abilities: Very agile, very good aim
Bio: When she was about 10, her and her siblings joined a traveling circus that was in town, they stayed there for about 6 years or so, btw, in the circus she was a knife thrower and had a tightrope walking act, anyway, after the said 6 years everyone in the circus just the most brutal ways possible, this Kylie tried out for N.O.I.R.E, she was aware that she might be a bit underage but N.O.I.R.E accepted her anyway because of her good aim and her skills with knife throwing and other sorts of weapon throwing, now she's a N.O.I.R.E agent.
Theme: White Rabbit by Egypt Central Nightcore

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Charlotte walked into the dead silent banking building, her weapon safely tucked away within a secret pocket of hers. Her target was a supposed enemy of the N.O.I.R.E, wanting to take down the organization by herself. It was a middle aged woman, that foolishly said publicly online, about her plans. Now to get rid of her, just how? Charlotte sighed, watching her target's every move, before the lady went to the dark elevators. Perfect. About five minutes after Charlotte entered the elevator, she walked out triumphantly, presenting a conceited smile. Walking outside, she took in a quick deep breath, before taking a long jump onto a lamppost, successfully sitting upon it. You have just witnessed Charlotte enter the elevator, a blood-curdling scream erupting from the inside, before the same girl walked out, only to then jump a stunning 10 feet. You then. . .
{ Open RP~ }

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[Name:] Charlotte Grey
[Age:] 17
[Weapons:] Electric Taser, Sniper Rifle, Rifle, Revolver, Knife & Handgun.
[Code Name:] Grasshopper/None/
[Personality:] Introvert, quiet, snappy & rude.
[Height:] 5'9
[Sexuality:] Straight/Demisexual
[Abilities:] Incredibly High Jumps.
[Race:] Human/Caucasian
[Weight:] 175 lbs
[Theme:] This Little Girl By: Cady Groves
[Bio]  Charlotte's family has always been involved with the government, her father was a general, in some place she didn't know where. Her brother was in the army, and her mother was incorporated with the CIA. Signing up to be a member or N.O.I.R.E, she had high hopes of being the best. People often judged her on her hight, her weapons, or on her gray to blue hair. One thing agents did notice, was her High Jump, it was as graceful, as it was high, thus giving her the name Grasshopper. Now a recruit for N.O.I.R.E, her past life pushed aside, she focuses solely on her next target.

+dander shadownight​ +[Rebekah Is Not Amused] +Jade Black+Fiona Woods

You may now make a N.O.I.R.E. agent!

Sophie ran through the hallways with a stack of papers in her hands. She ran past a group of agents, them chuckling at her. They didn't bother her as much as they would have if she hadn't been notified of their latest mission. She barged into the conference room with the whole team already in there. Team Cyanide! You have your first mission.

//Open to members

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Name: Sophie Lark

Code Name: Lilac

Age: 15

Sexuality: Bisexual

Race: Human

Personality: Trigger happy, usually is rude to Team Cyanide.

Abilities: Very precise shooter.

Bio: She tried out for N.O.I.R.E even though she was under age. She got in because of her shooting but still is looked down and given the tasks nobody wants, like hosting Team Cyanide.
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Throws a dagger at a target and her ears twitch in satisfaction. She hit her target. She goes to another target, a much higher one and steeper one. She throws her dagger at it, and again, it goes and stabs it lighting quick.

((Open Rp))

Follows my target, a middle aged woman, with a small brief case. She makes a turn into an alley, and I go into the alley, to find her with two other men, with guns. crap...

[]open RP[]
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